On the Road

It's 5:30 am, and I can't sleep. I have already taken a shower and am just waiting for everyone else to wake up.

We left Ames Yesterday (Saturday) Morning and drove to Kalamazoo MI. We only had 4 stops in the 8 hour trip, and that's pretty good for us. 2 bathroom breaks, 1 lunch break and 1 gas break. Gas by the way was $3.99 per gallon, we did we stations with the price listed at $4.21 per gallon. We also stopped at our family favorite beach, Warren Dune state park. It's about 12 miles over the Michigan state line, I highly recommend it. Our favorite part is the huge sand dune that take about 10 minute to walk up. Imagine walking a steep, sand covered hill. I went up with the boys and my calves were burning. We did not get to stay at the beach very long before a storm could be seen over the water. The beach was cleared due to threat of lightening.

We ate dinner in St. Joseph's along the lake.
We decided to stay in a hotel instead of at a campground. We were too tired to set up camp.
Back on the road today, for another 8 hours or so.