Go digital

I have been participating in a contest over at Go Digital Scrapbooking It a 4 week challenge with the end prize being a spot on their creative team for the next 6 months. To be honest, I don't want more responsibilities, but it's quite a thrill to see the my username survive the cut. I made it to week 3 and was cut. Bummer! Each week we are given a specific kit to work with and can not add anything else to our layouts. Only shapes, fonts etc. that are already in the photo editing program.

Round 1. The kit was called Sew Chic.  It was not really my style, but here's what I came up with.

Round 2 - The kit was Dispy Doodles   It was full of bright and playful colors, but for some reason I went monochromatic.  

Round 3.  The kit was called springy  and it was full of lots of fun embellishments.  I guess the creative vibes were not with me this week. I Like this layout, but it did not wow the judges.   I did not make it past round 3.  Here's what I came up with.

I had a great time.  It's always fun to challenge my new digital skills.  


We headed to Kansas City this weekend for the Midwest League Squirt A final season tournament. Ben's team was favored to take 1st place. They had won the regular season and had been playing very well. On Saturday they started a little slow against Omaha, but ended up winning that game 5-3. The second game was against Cedar Rapids (Yes, we drove 4 hours to play an Iowa team) and we played much better. Ben scored the first goal of the game, which really motivated the rest of the team. We won handily 8-1. Unfortunately, we did not have the same intensity when we played Tri-city this morning. We lost 1-0. The kids were pretty bummed, but no time wallow in self pity. We head to Wisconsin for a tournament next weekend. Ben ended the weekend with 1 goal and 2 assists.

Newspaper picture

Have you ever had your picture in the newspaper?  I only remember once in my life, when Andrew and I got married.  But, I have a feeling that maybe I had a few softball team pictures as well.  Ben has had his photo in the paper several times in the last few years.  His Hockey team had a small write-up in the local newspaper.  You can check it out here: Ben's Article
They spelled his name wrong once and have him mixed up with Kevin in the photo, at least they got his goals right! 

Ames Squirt ‘A’ Hockey team wins at tournament

Contributed photo
Ames Squirt A hockey players include, first row, Brooke Clayton; second row, from left, Logan Will, Jeremy Wessels, Cole Rogers, Seth Mitchell, Blaine Colman; third row, Ashton Price, Athena Song, Kevin Maxwell, Ben Tulp, Jake DeVries, Sam Weninger; and fourth row, coaches Geoff Will, Marc Rogers and Quinn Weninger.
Published: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 8:05 AM CST
 The Ames Squirt “A” Hockey team won the New Ulm, Minn., hockey tournament Jan. 23 and 24. Their first game was against New Ulm, winning 8-1. Scoring for the Flyers in that game were Sam Weninger with a hat trick, Cole Rogers, Benn Tulp, Logan Will, Seth Mitchell and Athena Song. The second game was against Centennial, with a final score of 4-3. Logan Will had two goals, Cole Rogers had one goal, and Seth Mitchell had one to break the tie in the remaining 3 minutes. In the championship game against Rogers, Minn., Brooke Clayton had her first shutout of the season, winning 3-0. Seth Mitchell, Cole Rogers and Ben Tulp gave the team the winning goals.

By the way,   Contributed photo .....  Should read.....  Photo taken by Rosalie Vos Tulp ....  at least I would get my name in the paper too!  

Happy Valentine's Day

I am a day late,  But I wanted to wish you a very Happy Valentine's day.  Rosalie

Snow Fun

I have mostly been complaining about the huge snow storms and the disruptions it has caused in our lives.  Today I thought I should share a little snow joy.  Ben's youth group has taken advantage of all the snow.   Several weeks ago, they went downhill skiing at a small hill just outside Boone.  He had a blast and talked about it for days.  I did not expect him to enjoy it so much.  This Wednesday, the group tried Cross County.  Once again, they had a great time.  Ben commented that Cross Country was fun, but not as fun as downhill.  It is more fun to go fast.  I was a little jealous.  I have been cross country skiing several times and have really enjoyed it.  We have had people skiing in our back parkway.  I might have to look into getting myself a set of skis. 

Above Average

Just so you don't think I am complaining for no good reason, the paper reported that we have received over 51 inches of snow since December.  Our yearly average is 32 inches.  Another winter storm with more snow is expected this weekend, another 2-4 inches is predicted.     

Here we go again!

More snow and winter weather has arrived here in Central Iowa.  I must say that everyone is a little tired of it.  We are expected to have between 8-12 inches today and tomorrow.  The winds are also expected to pick up and blow all that snow around.  We have not had a winter like this in a very long time.    The boys came home 2 hours early today and will be starting 2 hours late tomorrow.  The state has approved holding classes on Saturday or extending the school days by 1 hour,  to help school districts make up all the snow days.  I really hope that Ames does not decide to hold Saturday classes.  I don't see how the kids will learn more with longer days or shorten weekends.  WE are PRAYING for SPRING!!!!  

Holding the Baby.

Our Friend's Brian and Amy had their first baby last Saturday evening.  When Nadia heard the announcement, she exclaimed, "Brian and Amy had a girl Baby!"  The whole family has been looking forward to meeting her.  Last evening, we brought them a meal and spent a little time holding Carolyn Rae.  She is absolutely precious!  Things are going well, and Brian and Amy seem to be adjusting nicely to their new parenting roles.  It will be so fun to watch her grow. 

What makes me Happy

My friend Debby gave me this Sweets Blog Award. 

The rules of this award are to tell you 10 things that make me happy and then I am to pass it on to 5 more people. So here are my ten things:
1. Watching my kids play Hockey
2. My Wonderful husband
3. Cute, Sweet, Well behaved children ( yes I am referring to mine)
4.  Strong / healthy bodies
5.  Cherry Coke
6.  Chocolate Cake
7. A Clean house (but I hate to clean it)
8. Good Friends
9.  Scrapbooking
10. A day at the Beach (Currently dreaming of summer)

My 5 people:  
1.  Mary 
2. Rachel 
3. Tricia 
4.  Erin 
5.  Jen