Another busy week with Hockey on both ends of the week. 

Ethan team is finished for the season, but Ben played this last weekend.    His team is improving and playing better every  weekend, so it's sad to see it end.  

This week's highlight was shopping for our new stove.  
We spent most of Monday shopping for a new stove.   Ken's appliance in Ames was the last place we stopped & we were very glad we did.   
I bought the stove on Tuesday and they delivered on Wednesday.   That was a huge selling point, as other places had to order it.    How can you wait 10 days for a stove?
 Here it is!     We decided to buy a Whirlpool and so far,   have been really happy with it. 

 Nadia was pretty proud of her newly acquired skill. 
Zeke will often just sit and stare at me.   I think he's only 1/2 awake, since we spends most of the day sleeping.
 The grocery advertisements arrive in the paper on Wednesday evening.   I enjoy creating my shopping list on Thursday morning. 

We woke up to several inches of snow on Friday morning.   It was so pretty.    Unfortunately,  it has mostly melted already.  

Ben's school hosted a floor hockey evening.   Guess who did not want to miss that school event.    It seems he is a bit of a super star on the floor hockey team.   

I have been participating in a Beth Moore bible study.    I have really enjoyed it so far.    I have had a little trouble keeping up with the homework,  but it's been really good. 

Here's our week in photos.

Since Christmas,   we have been attending our parent church in Ankeny.   We are getting to know our new pastor.   We are also meeting weekly to establish our core values, mission statements and our Name.   Any ideas?  

On Sunday afternoon,  we celebrated January and February birthdays with the Vos's.   A Vos tradition of Pizza and ice cream. 

What great older brothers.  

We had several inches of snow on Monday.    It was actually enough that we had to shovel.    But notice, that Ben did not even wear boots or a hat.    Needless to say,  it has all melted away. 

Ben had a band concert on Tuesday.   He is playing his Bass and the Bass guitar for JAZZ band and really loving it.  

Basketball playoffs are in full swing.   Both the girls and the boys teams are playing very well right now.   So, it makes for a busy and fun week. 

Ethan and I baked some cookies to enjoy this weekend on the hockey trip.    Unfortunately, we had a little mishap.   Actually,  it wasn't so little.    I was cleaning the underside of my kitchen aid mixture,when it slipped out of my hand and landed on the glass top stove.     YEP,  shattered the top.   See the photo below.      At least the oven still works,  so we could finish the cookies. 

Isn't it pretty  ?!

Friday was my 40th Birthday.    I don't have any great birthday stories to tell you,   except that I am buying a new stove for my birthday present.     I actually spent the day packing for the weekend of hockey and stopping in at Menard's and Home Depot in Ankeny to start the process of buying a new stove.

I do have a spider in the hotel story to tell you, but I will save that for later.   

 We spent Saturday in St.  Joe Missouri for Ben's hockey tournament.     I left the camera, so no hockey pictures this week.   


Happy Valentines Day

Sending all my readers a little Valentines Day LOVE.
     Enjoy the day with your loved ones.
Here' s the supplies that I used:
simply J studio card template

Week 6 February 5-11

Another pretty normal week, with a little hockey on the weekends.    This photo was taken last Sunday,   I love how Ben is intently listening to his coaches direction..   Ben scored his first Hat trick of the season in their first game on  Sunday,  so he was pretty happy.   Unfortunately,  his team is full of ups and downs and lost their second game.

 Our neighbor made Nadia a black and orange skirt for the Hockey sisters.     She is posing for you.   Notice our lack of snow.   NOTHING.

   Nadia is diligently working on writing her valentines for next week. 
 Our neighbor is a great friend to both the boys,  but this is how I found them on Thursday after school.   A friendship built on Electronic devices.   All 3 were playing their ipods. 
We were home on Friday evening,  which is a rarity during hockey season.    The boys played a little ping-pong on our new Christmas table.

   Friday night was cold enough to create some beautiful frost on the window. 

Saturday was a game of refereeing for Ben and couple hockey games for Ethan.   AT least we were home this weekend.   That's a real treat.

Defining my One Little Word

From   I have highlighted the parts of the definition that speak to me. 


verb (used without object)

1. to have a conscious mind, to some extent of reasoning, remembering experiences, making rational decisions, etc.
2. to employ one's mind rationally and objectively in evaluating or dealing with a given situation: Think carefully before you begin.
3. to have a certain thing as the subject of one's thoughts: I was thinking about you. We could think of nothing else.
4. to call something to one's conscious mind: I couldn't think of his phone number.
5. to consider something as a possible action, choice, etc.: She thought about cutting her hair.
6. to invent or conceive of something: We thought of a new plan.
7. to have consideration or regard for someone: Think of others first.
8. to esteem a person or thing as indicated: to think badly of someone.
9. to have a belief or opinion as indicated: I think so.

verb (used with object)
11. to have or form in the mind as an idea, conception, etc.

12. to have or form in the mind in order to understand, know, or remember something else: Romantic comedy is all about chemistry: think Tracy and Hepburn. Can't guess? Here's a hint: think 19th century.
13. to consider for evaluation or for possible action upon: Think the deal over.
14. to regard as specified: He thought me unkind.
15. to believe to be true of someone or something: to think evil of the neighbors.
19. of or pertaining to thinking or thought.
20. Informal . stimulating or challenging to the intellect or mind: the think book of the year. 

21. Informal . the act or a period of thinking: I want to sit down and give it a good think.

22. think of,
a. to conceive of; imagine.

b. to have an opinion or judgment of.
c. to consider; anticipate: When one thinks of what the future may bring, one is both worried and hopeful.
23. think out / through,
a. to think about until a conclusion is reached; understand or solve by thinking.
b. to devise by thinking; contrive: He thought out a plan for saving time.
24. think up, to devise or contrive by thinking: Can you think up an arrangement of furniture for this room?

25. think better of, to change one's mind about; reconsider: She considered emigrating to Australia, but thought better of it.
26. think fit, to consider advisable or appropriate: By all means, take a vacation if you think fit.
27. think nothing of. nothing ( def. 19 ) .
28. think twice, to weigh carefully before acting; consider: I would think twice before taking on such a responsibility.