This one has been hanging on our refrigerator for almost 2 years.   Definitely applies to this family.

Just a few photos this week.  I have no idea why every jumped into Nadia's bed.     I am guessing it was a stall tactic to delay bedtime. Cute photo even if the motives are questioned.     
Tuesday was Birthday at school.   Another boy in her class shares the same birthday, so  We brought cupcakes to school on Tuesday.     By the way,  she did her own pig tails,   she is really enjoying playing with her hair.

Tuesday evening was 99 cent kid's meals at Fazoli's.   It's not my favorite place to eat, but the kids really like it.  

A couple more photos from Saturday. 

The Birthday

Yesterday was a busy, activity filled birthday.    We really had a great time, but everyone is a little tired and recovering today.     
Nadia celebrated her Birthday at Kiln' Time Ceramics Studio in Ames.   The girls had a fantastic time painting.   We can't wait to see the projects after they are fired.   

Nadia had her cousin AnnaB stay for the remainder of the day.    Those girls are going to be trouble in a few years.   Later that evening,  we headed down to Des Moines to the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) show at Well's Fargo.   It had been raining on and off all day, the rainbow was so pretty walking into Well's Fargo.

The show started with a few pyrotechnics, with the cowboys entering through the fire.    It was pretty cool. 

It was a long and busy day.   We got back home about Midnight.    Just a little late for everyone.   

Friday Funny

With the end of the school year rapidly approaching, it seems that the kids have more projects.   Here's how parents truly feel about school projects.   


You're invited!
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New pages

Nadia and Andrew have been playing soccer together again this spring.   These photo were taken during the session last fall.    Journal block reads: After watching your brothers play soccer for sometime now, you were excited for your first season.   In September 2011 you played on the orange team for Ames Parks and Recreation Kiddies Kickers program.  You enjoyed learning new soccer skills and had a great time doing it.   But your favorite part was having an all girls team.  Unfortunately, you girls were giggling and cart wheeling and forgetting about soccer.    Daddy, your coach had to remind you girls that you were playing soccer not gymnastics.  Your Daddy just sighed, “girls?!”   But don’t worry,  he loved spending time with you no matter what sport you were practicing.
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I really liked this photo of the kids from Easter.    Design House Digital is a scrapbooking site with lots of fun and free things for digital or hybrid scrapers.   This page was for the April Blueprint / sketch challenge and the April color challenge.
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This week in Photos:
One more photo from Easter Sunday.   The rest of the Easter photos can be found a few posts down.
The kids have 1 more month of school left for this year.    This photo is a reminder of how thankful I am for the kids and their teachers.    Math has always been easy for Ethan and he proved it again.  

The end of the school year is also a sign of spring concerts.    Both boys have concerts coming up in the next couple of weeks. 
 The weather this week has been much cooler, but not so cold that Ethan did not want to ride his new bike.   He convinced Dad and Nadia to go with him.  

This parachute fisher price figure is an oldie, but goodie.    It is a toy from Andrew's childhood.   This kids love to play with him.

Friday Funny

I am attempting a new segment to my blog.   The Sunday Comics are the hot item at our house,   Usually they cause family fights about Who was reading them and Who stole them.   So,   I thought I would start to share our favorite funnies here.    Feel free to share any funnies you have seen.     Here's today's version from Ben's Ipod.      Enjoy! 

Oops, it's Wednesday already and I have not gotten around to posting my photos from last week.  I posted the Easter photos and forgot to follow-up with the weekly photos.   Thanks for patiently waiting.
Sunday was Palm Sunday and the "Ridge Kids"  led us in worship songs from the front.   Nadia was right in the front row. 
 Ben's first soccer games of Spring Season was Sunday afternoon.   They played pretty good for their first game, but unfortunately, they lost.    It is interesting to see the change in attitude from not caring about losing to being really disappointed.   I noticed the change in hockey this year as well. 
 Nadia was playing with the Camera on Sunday at the soccer game.   I showed her how to take a self portrait.    I must say that it turned out pretty nice.    
 A couple flowers photos to share this week.  
Ben and I mowed the lawn for the first time this year.   It was getting really long.   Most of the Neighbors mowed last week, but Since when do we mow in March?  We waited until at least the first week of APRIL.  
Ben and Ethan are also playing a little 3 on 3 hockey for the next couple of Thursdays.   It was designed to be a fun easy way to get back on the ice since being off ice for a month.    Ben had already been asking when Summer Hockey started, so this was a good for him.
 Our new favorite ice cream is Orange Leaf.  Ben would correct me, it's frozen yogurt.    Come for a visit and we will take you there.      
Have a great week.

Happy Easter

We had a few changes to our Easter plans which I reported earlier this week, but it was way more fun than a quiet day at home.    We attended Church at Prairie Ridge and then headed down to Oskaloosa for lunch and our annual Easter Egg hunt.   Here's a few photos to share with you.    The "big" boys hide the eggs.   B & K posing in the "I'm so cool" teenage pose.
 I think we might be in big trouble with these two.    Anna and Nadia are secretly creating a plan.  
 Most of the gang.   I have no idea why Ethan is not smiling.   
 The race is on to collect those eggs. 

I realized that I did not take a picture of Great Grandma.    You can see her sitting on the deck, but it's more a picture of Grandpa and Grandma's new house.   
I hope you all had a very blessed Easter Sunday, celebrating the Risen Lord.  

On the Hunt

I quick scrapbook page from last Easter.   Nadia collecting Eggs.   Unfortunately,   I don't think we will do an egg hunt this year.    We will have a quiet Easter, no cousins to hunt egg with.    It is sort of sad to be out growing this little traditions.   

Digital supplies used:  Jen Martakis white space template and Easter Morning Digital kit

Faces of Nicaragua

I would love to get my scrapbook journal book completed from when Ben and I went to Nicaragua last year.     I don't really know what has take me so long.   I think part of the problem is that I want it to be perfect.     So,  I have started, knowing that it will not be perfect, but knowing it will be a great process to remember the trip.    Here's a page I completed this weekend.   

En Route Erica Coombs (Pink Dahlia Designs)
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Count Your Memories - Collaboration Kit, Part 2 Erica Coombs (Pink Dahlia Designs)
This week I am very short on photos and not much to tell you either.    We have had amazingly beautiful spring weather, with some rain.   The trees are almost fully leafed out and all the spring flowers are in full bloom.    It really is a wonderful time of the year.   

This is a photo of my spring flowers.    I really would love to add more, but I never feel like planting them in the fall.    Maybe this fall....

Andrew has been busy studying for another architecture exam.   He only has 2 more.   It will be nice when he is done.  

Ben and I went to the Athletic Training open house at Iowa State.   The open house was for anyone wanting to learn more about the profession.    Ben told me that he did not want to do the same job that I do, but he did have fun playing with the machines. 

That's all for this week.