Happy Easter

We had a few changes to our Easter plans which I reported earlier this week, but it was way more fun than a quiet day at home.    We attended Church at Prairie Ridge and then headed down to Oskaloosa for lunch and our annual Easter Egg hunt.   Here's a few photos to share with you.    The "big" boys hide the eggs.   B & K posing in the "I'm so cool" teenage pose.
 I think we might be in big trouble with these two.    Anna and Nadia are secretly creating a plan.  
 Most of the gang.   I have no idea why Ethan is not smiling.   
 The race is on to collect those eggs. 

I realized that I did not take a picture of Great Grandma.    You can see her sitting on the deck, but it's more a picture of Grandpa and Grandma's new house.   
I hope you all had a very blessed Easter Sunday, celebrating the Risen Lord.