We have a spider that has built a very large web just outside our kitchen window.  We are all fascinated by him and completed gross out at the same time.   We have watched him build his web and kill many bugs over the past week.   

It was been a little difficult to get a good photo of him.   He crawls around in his web when we get close and that scares all of us.   Ethan and I were able to get this photos the other night.   Ethan held a flashlight right at him in his web and I quickly snapped a few photos. 

How long will he stay?   I can't answer that question.   No one has volunteer to remove him, so he's staying for now.   It's nice to have a little entertainment while we are washing dishes.  

Crazy Life

 Wow.  I can't begin to explain how crazy life has become since school has started.  

I am teaching 12 credit hours this semester and also working my Athletic Training job for about 10 hours a week.   I have been gone every evening for a couple of weeks.   This Weekend I taught a continuing education class all weekend.   In between my paying jobs. I am coordinating the family schedule and running kids to events. 

All 3 kids are playing soccer this fall.  I have only been able to watch Ben play and hope to catch a little action from the other 2 later this week. Ben has been playing for a Soccer Club team in Gilbert and has enjoyed the transition.  His good friend Kyle is also playing on his team, so that has been great to share rides.  Here in this picture he is playing against a friend from hockey.   Ben and Kyle are in gray and Preston is in the Red Jersey. 

Ben  was also accepted to play in the 7th grade Jazz band.   He is playing his Orchestra Bass and a Bass guitar.   He thinks the guitar is way more fun.   He's doing a great job.  Jazz band is outside school hours, so that does require a little coordination. 

Ethan is busy with Soccer as well.  I hope to have a few photos later this week.   He has also decided to play Cello in the 4th grade Orchestra.    He had a really hard time deciding, but I think he has enjoyed it thus far.  

 Nadia has excelled in her first month of Kindergarten.   She has made lots of new Friends, and is excited to go to school everyday.   She is also playing soccer this Fall with Dad as her coach.  More photos to come.