60th Birthday

Here's a quick page to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday.   This photo was taken during her birthday party.   It's a great photo of her.  

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Week 12 March 18-24

The weather is the biggest story from this week.   We had absolutely gorgeous weather for both weekend with much needed rain during the week.    Here's the photos.   

Zeke has been sneaking out of the house to enjoy the sunshine.    On Sunday, sunned himself on the warm rocks.     Sunday was also the day that someone in our family got a speeding ticket.   I'm not telling you who, but it wasn't me.    $85  ouch!    Do not coast down Hyland,   Use your brakes.

Spring flowers are in full bloom,  in fact,  the crocus are already gone.    I think my favorite spring flower in my garden is this pink hyacinth.  

We put our bird feeder up for the summer.   Last year the squirrels stole most of the seed before the birds even had a chance.   So this year we move it away from the trees with hopes that we limit squirrels but still get a few birds.    A blue jay found us.  
It rained on and off several days this week.    We needed it, so it was not to depressing

Soccer season started this week as well.   It was a little rough with the rain, but at least it wasn't snow. 

It's time for a new bike for Ethan.   He grew alot this winter and his old bike was almost to small last summer.   We spent a couple rainy evenings in the bike store.  
Yes,  I have a photo of road kill on my blog,  but is has a story.   And no, it's not that I was really desperate for photos.   Friday when I was driving home,  I saw a really large bird snacking on some road kill,  as I got closer,   I realized it was a turkey vulture.    I don't know about you,  but I don't remember ever seeing one in town.   I lived on a farm,  I remember them growing up, but in the CITY?!   I went home to get my camera and slowly walked back to the road kill.   Here's a few photos.   The first photos is a comparison shot between the fairly large crow and the extremely large  turkey vulture.  It was probably the coolest thing I saw this week. 

Saturday was a beautiful day again.    We went to the Eco Fair at the city auditorium in the morning and spent the afternoon outside.    We replanted our cucumbers and the small dogwood, that we go from the Eco fair.   Ethan and Andrew cleaned the gutters.    We spent the evening at game night with friends.  

Another week to enjoy.    

Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Another great find on Pinterest,  I really love that site!      Everyone seemed to really like this Stroganoff, and it was super easy.   That's the best part for me.     Since it's a keeper,  it created a recipe card for the family cookbook.  
Biograffiti recipe card template, Jen Martakis Just smile digital kit. 

Week 11 March 11-17

Spring Break Week.   The kids enjoyed a week away from the routine of school, and the weather was beyond gorgeous.   Record breaking actually, with temperatures in the 80s (26 for my Celsius readers) Here's our photos from the week.     

On Sunday evening,  we broke out the OLD   Dance Dance Revolution PS2 game.    We are really terrible at it, but had some good family fun.   

Ben and Ethan gave up using their feet.  They claim that it's more fun with your hands. 
A great week to get out the bikes and enjoy the neighborhood.   Unfortunately,   Ethan has completely out grown his bike.   
 Our new table arrived on Thursday.    We love it, but really don't want to eat on it,  we might scratch it!
 Since I did not have Spring Break,  the kids spent Wednesday - Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa's house.   I arrived on Friday to help prepare for Grandma's birthday party on Saturday evening.    

The youngest attendee,     My cousin's baby is only 6 weeks old.   She was so precious.  

Week 10 March 4-10

It's hard to believe that the week started out with several inches of snow.    About 5 inches in fact.   The kids had a great time playing in it, because of the warm temperatures.    So warm, in fact, that by Monday it had all melted.  

Monday was a trip to the library to prepare for Spring Break reading.   
 Nadia did her own pigtails. much better than I usually do.  

Tuesday was State Basketball day.    The RS boys had successfully made it all the way to the state tournament.   Unfortunately,  they could not pull out a win. 

Green Hill retirement community has opened a new Wellness center.    I have been asked to supervise the fitness room a couple hours per week.   Thursday was the first day I worked.   

Friday - The kids started Spring break
Ethan and I made some granola 
 Nadia and I planted some tomatoes and cucumbers for the summer garden. 

Another healthy and happy week, with lots to be thankful for.  

Chicken Bacon Carbonara Deluxe

I am getting bored with our meals.   Thanks to some friends on Pinterest, I have been finding a few new ones. Here's a new on we tried last week.     It was very good and the kid's will eat almost anything with Bacon!

Biograffiti recipe card template and Jen Martakis, What's cooking kit. 

March 2011

 Slowing working to complete my review of 2011.   I am only 1 year behind, but who's actually counting.     I love the colors of these pages.     They were perfect for March. 

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Shabby Princess Template

The hockey tournament championship game was on Sunday.     Ben's face pretty much tells all.   They earned second place, with a pretty rough game against Waterloo.    They played very well this weekend and should not be disappointment, but it's always a bit sad in the moment.  

I am trying a few new meals on my new stove.    The one was called Chicken Carbonara Deluxe.  Super easy to make and everyone liked it.    Doesn't Bacon make everything taste better.   You can find the recipe here:   Betty Crocker   Unfortunately,  it did not photograph well.   Maybe next time  I'll add red peppers for the photo.  

Ethan is still taking piano lessons.   He really hates it, but he figures out a new song so quickly.   He really has an ear for the notes.

Nadia concentrating very hard on her latest craft project. 

 We celebrated Andrew's birthday on Friday evening with a little cheesecake and family games.