Week 9 Feb. 26 - March 3

The hockey tournament championship game was on Sunday.     Ben's face pretty much tells all.   They earned second place, with a pretty rough game against Waterloo.    They played very well this weekend and should not be disappointment, but it's always a bit sad in the moment.  

I am trying a few new meals on my new stove.    The one was called Chicken Carbonara Deluxe.  Super easy to make and everyone liked it.    Doesn't Bacon make everything taste better.   You can find the recipe here:   Betty Crocker   Unfortunately,  it did not photograph well.   Maybe next time  I'll add red peppers for the photo.  

Ethan is still taking piano lessons.   He really hates it, but he figures out a new song so quickly.   He really has an ear for the notes.

Nadia concentrating very hard on her latest craft project. 

 We celebrated Andrew's birthday on Friday evening with a little cheesecake and family games.  



  • Rachel Vos Carrillo | March 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    Thanks for the recipe. I am also getting bored with meals. Too bad about Ben´s tournament but he should not feel bad. I am impressed they were in second place. I didn´t know he was on such a good team. But then I remember losing in softball. Always disappointing, no matter what. I think it is funny that Ethan hates piano. Don´t you remember how much we complained about it? Love to all - Abrazos y besos