Family Newsletter

I refuse to call this our Christmas letter as most people would.   Our family newsletter seems to come a little later every year. In fact, this year I will send it with a little Valentines' love  :)     Here's a digital copy, I would love to tell you that the paper copy is in the mail.   But that would be a very large lie.  Truth is, it's on my to do list.  I suggest you print this version. 

Week # 3 January 16-23

Hockey weekend.  This is a photo of Ethan

Nobody likes this job.   Cleaning the cat box.

Ethan's first time back to the hill where he broke his collar bone a year ago. 

Monday was a school holiday.  We spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful winter day.

Basketball is in full swing for me.  Currently the RS girls are ranked 2nd in the state. 

The temperature dropped this week.  Notice the temperature  -5.

We finally had a free Friday evening.  We spent it in the pool. 

Nadia figured out how to kick with the kick board.  She was so proud. 

Our Week in Photos Week 1 & 2

Here's our first 2 weeks of January in Photos:

Celebrated the beginning of 2011 with a little cream soda in Beer bottles.  

Found this coneflower enduring the cold, wind and snow.  They make a nice photo. 

I asked Ben to take a photo of Ethan, this was the result.   At least the Bananas are in focus.

We love these crackers.  I'm not sure they are really any healthier than chips. Nadia took this photo. 

Back to work.  It's wrestling season

A little hockey.   Ben scored a hat trick against Iowa City.

Another Hockey shot of Ben

Zeke is searching for Fresh Water,  He decided to check out Nadia's bath. 

Time to grind the Christmas ham and Freeze it.  

Ethan's Birthday. 

Ethan's Birthday

Ethan turned 9 today.  We went to bed with the promise of a snow storm.   We awoke to about 5-6 inches of snow, but not enough to cancel school.  He was happy to have a 2 hour delay, but a little disappointed that he was not given a snow day for a birthday present.   Since today was a school day, we celebrated his birthday on the weekend.  He invited 2 friends to spent the night.   We ate pizza, played his new lego game and watched the movie "Despicable Me". 

 Here's a few photos of his day.  

He can be so silly sometimes

Lighting the candles on his cake
Sorry,  this photo has a terrible shadow.

2010 in Photos

Life got the best of me this fall, and I did not keep up with my daily photos.   So today, I went back through my photos and updated with what I had.   Here's a link for you.   Daily photos 2010

For 2011, I have decided not to be intentional about 365 photos.  I found that posting daily photos took to much time and I neglected sharing on my blog.   So my goal for 2011 is to share once a week with words and photos.    I enjoy sharing the photos with you, but I hope this lessens my computer time. 

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas Day in Oskaloosa.   My Mom was hosting Christmas dinner.   My Aunt Pauline and Uncle Rod were there. Their 2 girls, with their families were also there.  It was so nice to re-connect with that family.  We ate lots and played cards and dominos.   Grandpa even took us sledding.   As you can see from the photos, we had a little help from John Deere.  So it was not your ordinary sledding hill.  It was tons of fun!  Another benefit to growing up on the farm.  Nadia will tell you the Grandpa pulled us with a tractor, which at first is a little frightening.  But she will also tell you, "it's the little one, not the big ones"   Thank-you for that!