Our Week in Photos Week 1 & 2

Here's our first 2 weeks of January in Photos:

Celebrated the beginning of 2011 with a little cream soda in Beer bottles.  

Found this coneflower enduring the cold, wind and snow.  They make a nice photo. 

I asked Ben to take a photo of Ethan, this was the result.   At least the Bananas are in focus.

We love these crackers.  I'm not sure they are really any healthier than chips. Nadia took this photo. 

Back to work.  It's wrestling season

A little hockey.   Ben scored a hat trick against Iowa City.

Another Hockey shot of Ben

Zeke is searching for Fresh Water,  He decided to check out Nadia's bath. 

Time to grind the Christmas ham and Freeze it.  

Ethan's Birthday. 


  • Rachel Vos Carrillo | January 21, 2011 at 4:12 PM

    Sure, right, just beer bottles,eh? Tossing back already, just like the Canadians (maybe you shouldnt publish this comment, people may not understand my humor).
    I love Ben and Nadia´s photos. Sorry to say, but they are better than yours. Interesing perspectives. By the way, what is a hat trick?