January Week 4

 Just a really ordinary week.    Ethan and Dad spend a few minutes after hockey studying for Ethan's  Geography test. 
 We were a little worried that Ethan had not spent enough time studying for this one.   I guess we were wrong. 
Tuesday is Laundry day.   I usually have about 6- 7  loads.   Miscellaneous other loads are completed through-out the week.   


 Ben had an orchestra concert this week.  We posed a few photos, since the school is dark and he is rather far away.     Ethan also wanted to show off his cello.  

 On Friday evening,   we went to 7oaks recreation located by Boone.   DMACC was sponsoring a family night.   We had a great time.   It was Ethan's first time skiing.   Nadia and I went down the Snow tube hill.   I was a little worried that she would be scared, but she was so excited after her first run down the hill.   I think we all had a really good time.   

January Week 3

This project is suppose to help me document the ordinary things that make up our life.   To help us acknowledge the little things in life that are so common place now, but will soon be gone.  This is the common sight after school.   B and E sitting at the table working on their homework.  What I missed in the photo, is that they are eating crackers at the same time.  

Nadia is a crafty girl.   Truly after my own heart.   She will create with anything.      Her favorite currently is collage pictures with bits of paper and this one has a few feathers. 

We finally had winter like weather on Friday.    Even though the temps were quite low   E and N played outside for a little while after school.    Ethan re-created a revolutionary war battle screen.     Sort of a capture the mountain theme.   

We ended the week with a little hockey, of course.      Ben's team was in WI and did not have a very successful weekend.   In fact,  they played pretty stinky,  enough said.  Ben did have a couple goals and a few assists.      Ethan and Andrew had home games.      Ethan had 2 goals and 1 assist this weekend.  

Week 2 - January 8-14

This week was a busy week
The big news this week is that Ethan turned 10!   He has reached double digits.    We celebrated several times this week.    Ethan had a friend over for the weekend.   Then on Sunday,   Grandma and Grandpa come over for a lunch and cake and a few presents.     

 Thursday, he took a giant cookie to school for his birthday treat.  

I went back to work this week.  Only 2 classes this semester, so I have some extra time to help with CPR classes at the hospital.  
 The mild weather that we have had so far this year changed on Wednesday and Thursday.   Unfortunately,   we received very little snow.   Mostly just cold winds. 

Ben helped me cut up fruit for dinner.    He created a "Fruit Ninja" display.    This is currently their favorite game on their ipods.    You slice fruit with swords to score points.  

 Ben actually had 2 commitments on Saturday.   First,   We had a Jazz band festival in the Morning.   They did a really good job.   Then to Sioux City for a hockey tournament.   

Ben and the neighbor.  

Project Life

In 2009 and 2010,   I embarked on the journey of photographing our daily life everyday for 365 days.   While I loved the finished product,  (seeing 365 photos in a single album)  it become a little tedious.   I took a break from the project in 2011, but I truly missed it.    So 2012 has arrived with a new philosophy on documenting our everyday life.   I am embarking on a new journal called "Project Life"    This is not a new concept and I certainly did not invent it.  The original idea is from Becky Higgins, and you can read more about it at her website.     The concept is simple; document your life in photos and words.  

I have committed to this project.    Here's some of my thoughts:  
  • I am going to approach this project on a weekly basis
  • This will not be a 365 or 366 photo project. The number of photos will vary each week.  
  • I will post my weekly photos and words on this blog every Sunday or Monday
  • I will be putting these in a binder with scrapbook paper and written notes.
  • I will try to use my stash of scrapbook supplies and purchase as little as possible,  which means, my colors will not always match.  
  • Keep it simple and enjoy the process.
My title page photo.   Andrew snapped this photo of my during our Christmas celebration.   It's a really good photo of me capturing our life.

 Here's my photos for this week:

The first photo of 2012.   Andrew and I shared a glass of wine at Midnight.  We had the Vos cousins over for the night, we celebrated early and sent them to bed. 

We did it!   After several years of discussing, debating, looking and pricing,  we purchased a new dining room set.    Our special order should arrive in March.

A new haircut and color for me.    The stylist spent way to much time straightening my curls.   Even though I got lots of comments about my new do, I am back to curls.
A couple price photos for the first week.  The milk sale is my favorite.

A library visit this week.  Nadia has "graduated"  from the picture books to the easy readers.  

Finished up mailing the Christmas newsletters. 

That sums up week 1

One Little Word

 I am not a fan of New year's resolutions, and have never really made them.   It's seems a little artificial to make a resolution and then break that resolution the very next day.   I have seldom heard about a resolution that was successful, but always about resolutions that have failed.  With that said,   I do like the idea of taking the opportunity of the New Year to make a fresh / new start.    


I have decided that this year, I will using a single word to help me focus / refocus through out 2012.   If you have not heard about the One little Word concept, you can read about it here.   Ali Edward's blog


Here's a quote from her "A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow. From my own personal experience, it can be a catalyst for enriching your life."


I liked the idea of using a word to guide your thoughts, feelings and actions through-out the year.   I  liked the idea of not a specific resolution, but a process of focusing on a word or phrase and seeing where God leads, so no failed resolutions.  The word that I chose this year is :  THINK

 It sounds like such a boring word, but it has been coming back to me on a regular basis this week.


I hope to share some thoughts with you this year, as I focus on thinking...   

Can you help me this year?   What things speak to you about the word think...   Have you read a good book, seen a good quote?   Please share anything with me.  


Here' my first quote about thinking.   Who doesn't love Winnie-the-Pooh?   He's named after Winnipeg after all.          

“People who don't Think probably don't have Brains; rather, they have grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake.”

Family newsletter

Our family newsletter is completed for 2011.   I really enjoying writing the letter after Christmas, so I am sorry if you expected it before Christmas.     I hope to get the paper copies in the mail this week.   For now,  please enjoy the digital version.