January Week 4

 Just a really ordinary week.    Ethan and Dad spend a few minutes after hockey studying for Ethan's  Geography test. 
 We were a little worried that Ethan had not spent enough time studying for this one.   I guess we were wrong. 
Tuesday is Laundry day.   I usually have about 6- 7  loads.   Miscellaneous other loads are completed through-out the week.   


 Ben had an orchestra concert this week.  We posed a few photos, since the school is dark and he is rather far away.     Ethan also wanted to show off his cello.  

 On Friday evening,   we went to 7oaks recreation located by Boone.   DMACC was sponsoring a family night.   We had a great time.   It was Ethan's first time skiing.   Nadia and I went down the Snow tube hill.   I was a little worried that she would be scared, but she was so excited after her first run down the hill.   I think we all had a really good time.