It's over....

With bittersweet emotions we completed our 2008-2009 Hockey season. We had our last tournament this weekend. It was an individual touranment called the battle of Waterloo. The kids were placed on teams with other kids from around the midwest. My impression was that Ethan had more fun than Ben, Ethan's team won all 3 of there games and Ethan is more outgoing and made a few friends. Ben on the otherhand, lost all 3 of his games, he is a little more reserved than Ethan and the level of play was more physical than he was used to. He told us that he had fun, I hope he did.

Now a few weekends at home to catch up on house projects that have been neglected since September.

Mark Twain

Ben has been working on a Biography about Mark Twain for the past month. First, He had to read 2 books and collect information, he had to write a rough draft paper. He is now typing his rough draft. The final part of the assignment was to give a speech about your person. The speech had to be given in the first person. We created eye brows and a mustache and he wore one of Andrew's old suit jackets.

Still smells like pigs!

We are in Soiux City for Ethan's hockey tournament. They won both their games yesterday and Ethan scored a goal! Only his third goal this year. Yes, My camera smell like pigs! I should have known not to take it into the hog shed early this week. Oh well, the pictures are cute!

It smells like pigs!

We spent Wednesday and Thursday with Grandpa and Grandma. It is always nice to spend a little time on the farm. I really enjoying showing the kids what life is like on the farm. We definitely had a big dose of farm work on Thursday morning. We headed outside to help Grandpa move pigs. Nadia was scared of the big pigs and the loud squeals. So, I had to hold her.... Ben was chosen to help Grandpa. He did a great job. Remember these animals are about 250 lbs, only about 3 times bigger than Ben! He was a little tentative at first, but he figured it out quickly. His comments included, "They are really strong!" and "My knees kind of hurt from the pigs hitting my board." Yep, He's right! Oh it warms my heart, that my little city boy, could actually figure out a bit of farm life.

Signs of Spring

Today, I just wanted to share a couple spring-like photos with you.
The boys have been home all this week for Spring break. Monday and Tuesday felt more like early summer than spring, with temperatures around 75 F (24 C) They have spent lots of time outside. They have re-discovered the pine tree and how accessible the roof of the shed is from there! I don't really care, but I am not sure how good it is for the shed roof or the poor tree branches, but boys have been climbing trees for generations.

Our neighbor, has a beautiful little perennial garden on the south side of her house. It always shows the first signs of spring. This photo of crocus is from her garden. My daffodils and tulips are starting to appear, but no blooms yet.
I truly enjoy the changing of the seasons.
I pray we don't see a late winter snow storm. That would really dampen the mood.
Stay tuned for more spring photos as they bloom!

Digi in Deeper

I have been taking the 3rd level class at It has been fantastic. I have learned way more than I can even imagine. Here's the layouts that I have been working on the last 2 weeks.

This is the week 1 layout. It's called Farming Cousins, Nadia, AnnaB and Abram. The journal block reads: It doesn’t get any better than spending time with your special cousins on the farm. You have so much fun with Ana B and Abram. On Saturday, we spent the day helping with the harvest. You spent the day laughing, running in field, and riding in the combine with Grandpa. It is really great to have these special cousins in your life. The quote strips read: Those Childhood playmates, who become forever friends.

Week 2 assignment.

A midweek assignment. Supplies used: k pertiet sanded overlay, gunged up photo block no2 o'scraps moonrise kit j wilson unconditional alpha The title block includes the definition of crayfish.

This layout was for a contest at Go Digital Scrapbooking
The kit was a super cute birthday kit by Dani called Your Day.

Another layout for Go Digital. This kit is called Waiting for You by Majula.

A week has gone by....

It's been almost a week since I last blogged. I apologize to everyone who has stopped by and found nothing new. Life has really gotten away from me this Winter. People say that it's just a phase, enjoy it, it will soon be over. I really want to make sure that I don't take it for granted and missed something.

Here's brief list of this week's happenings.

I am taking the 3rd digital scrapbooking class. I love what fun things you can do with your computer. I will never give up paper scrapping, computer scrapping just gives me another creative outlet and more projects to work on. I really needed that! NOT! I will post a few photos later this week.

This week starts Spring break for the boys. We had 3 days off this week and all of next week. I have heard many parents complaining, but I am really looking forward to having sometime at home without a schedule. The boys might be complaining by the end of the week! I have a few jobs planned, I love child labor. (insert evil laugh)

Parent/Teachers conferences were on Tuesday. Both the boys are doing fantastic. Ethan continues to be in the top reading group and is now doing mini research projects and study guides after he reads a book.

Ben's is excelling in all his subjects. His test grades are rarely below a 90%. He continues to be a little bit of a class clown and need to focus, listen more and talk less. Surprise! Once he warms up to a situation, he is hard to stop!

Today was a hockey day in Mason City and Dinner at the Rib Crib. Yum, Yum,
Ethan's team lost both games. I think the enthusiasm is starting to wane. I don't blame them. I am ready for a little down time myself.

Missing in Action!

Well, as you can see, I have been missing from my blog for several weeks. I hope you have been checking my project365 photo album. At least I have been trying to keep that up to date.

I could give you a grand list of everything that has been keeping me busy and away from blogging, but I think it's better just to move on.

This weekend marked the end of Ben's 2008-2009 hockey season. We end the season with very mixed feelings. It's nice to know that life will return to some sort of a normal schedule. Ben team was great this year, they become friends and really played as a team. That's unusual for 8-10 year olds. Ben truly has a passion for Hockey and he is really sad to see it end.

Ethan still has 2 weekends of Hockey left..... so it's not completely over!