It's music to my ears!

Ben's orchestra had their spring concert last evening. My expectations were quite low. Many of these musicians have only been playing their instruments since the beginning of the school year, How good could they be! I was very wrong, they sounded fantastic! Ben and Jack (a neighborhood friend from soccer) are the only 2 bass players in the school, the bass line flawless. Remember my music skills are a little weak! I am so proud of Ben, he has practiced faithfully with out complaining. He is in charge of remembering his rehearsals during school time. He has really excelled with his music. I hope that he continues to enjoy this life long skill. My only concern.... What happens when the largest size bass does not fit in the car? They are big instruments. Here's a little video for your listening pleasure. I hope it loads ok with slower internet speeds.


Happy Birthday Nadia

Today Nadia turned 3! Courtney and Destiny came over for lunch to celebrate. Thank-you girls for the presents,she is thrilled with her new baby doll and her princess dress-up set.

Andrew wonders if we will be able to replace the princess shoes with Hockey skates! Maybe she will figure skate....won't that throw her dad and brothers for a loop.

Early Birthday

We celebrated Nadia Birthday with supper this evening. She has been asking for the Tinkerbell cake for several weeks, after seeing it in the bakery. She has been so excited for her birthday.

She was a little disappointed that we did not have party hats, but Ben volunteered to make her one. She was very happy with her hat, Thank-you Ben!

We opened a few presents and saved the rest for when Oma and Opa get here in a couple weeks. I sure that she will keep ask when they are arriving!

Hope for Spring.

I wanted to share with you how the daffodil buried in the snow did not let the little winter destroy it. It looks perfect... I also snapped a photo of the little blue flowers in our backyard. I happened to catch a little bee on the flower. Yesterday was a perfect spring today, but today it is cold and rainy. It really is amazing how the weather can change your mental outlook. Yesterday we were celebrating and enjoying life, today, Ethan, Nadia and I are home sick with a cough and headaches. Such a bummer. Maybe the photos will lift our spirits.

Christ has risen...

He has risen indeed!

Today is Easter Sunday. I hope everyone has a blessed day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus. We spent the day with my family for food and fellowship. The kids also enjoyed a egg hunt. The older boys hid the eggs and the little kids found them. That system worked pretty well. The older boys still got the joy of the eggs without stealing all the eggs from the little ones.
An enjoyable day was had by all.

My thoughts.....

I was challenged to create a scrapbook page about "What's on your mind" Here's my version of My thoughts:
The supplies used are:
Becky Fleck pagemap
LivE I sing for Spring kit
KDS word art template
The journal block reads:
Being a very practical person, my mind is filled with thoughts of the day to day activities of life as a mother: What do I feed them? What time is Soccer practice? Do they have their homework finished? Etc...

But when I have a quiet moment,my thoughts become reflective. Am I being the best mother that I can be? Am I teaching my children to be confident and wise in their decision making? Most importantly, am I teaching them to make Jesus
the cornerstone of life? Honestly, I know there is room for improvements. I pray
every day for guidance and wisdom as I continue this journey of being a mother. I hope that my children know how much I love them.

Enjoy the little insight into my thoughts. Rosalie

A cruel April joke

Well, It's not April fool's day, but today was a sick and cruel joke. After several days of great spring like days, God sent a blast of Winter to Iowa. Over night we received several inches of heavy wet snow. Here's a couple photos of the spring flowers in the snow. Let's pray that this is the last of winter until next November or December.