Wanted to share with you Nadia's newest trick...

We started the week with spring on it's way. We had several days of Sunshine and Temperatures in the 50s F (10 C). The snow and ice had melted from our Driveway and we had gone to the park to play tennis. Unfortunately, Thursday morning, we woke to this:
It's back....It has been a real downer. Ben and Ethan have both asked what day it's suppose to warm up again. I know spring has been promised, but when?

Game Boys:
The boys each received a Game Boy for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. They really have been a life saver on all our Hockey Trips. Little did Grandma know that Nadia would be a huge fan as well. Yesterday, she was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed playing "Bum Goy" (her words). She likes the music and she know how to make the little cartoon guys jump. She will take turns playing with each one "Ben's Bum Goy" and "Etan Bum Goy". Maybe, It's her little way to connect with her brothers while they are at school.
Sorry Grandma, but she wants to copy her big brothers.

ITBS: Ben has started taking the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills. ITBS are standardized tests given to students through out the United States. They have been around forever, even I took them! ( Andrew remembers taking them one year and He's Canadian!
Anyway, I am really curious to see how he scores. He tells me that they are really easy. I hope he's right.

I thought I had some other Noteworthy items, but they were obviously not that important, because they have fled. I think I am heading to bed. Good Night.

Back to School

The first day back to school and work was Monday. We have spent the last few days getting back into a routine. I have only 5 weeks left at DMACC, and am really looking forward to summer break.

Scrapbook page to share today is Ethan's preschool page.
Enjoy the day.

One week old

Precious Baby Sienna is 1 week old. Rachel and Sienna had their check-up today. I have not heard from Mom how everything went, but she did send a few photos yesterday.

Finished these pages

I have been working on these pages for several days, I finally finished them.
Our trip to Adventureland last summer.

Nadia at a playground last summer.

The journaling reads:

You love the playground These photos were taken at a Michigan Rest Area, August 2007. The climbing wall was your favorite part; you are a climber. You can climb to the top of a picnic table in record time, and the stairs at home have become quite a problem. The slide ranks a high second, you have no fear, and you relish the thrill. After sliding, you quickly head to the stairs to start the adventure again.

Head Injury!

Yep, the title is correct. The Tulp house has experienced another trip to the emergency room for Ben's head. This time he was trying to lift Ethan and few against the edge of the couch. They were supposed to be getting ready for Bed, so needless to say, I was not very happy. We went to the ER at about 8:30 pm and were home around 10 pm. He was he proud owner of 2 stitches, unfortunately, one of the stitches let loose during the night. We headed back to the MD office this afternoon for another 90 minutes of waiting. He is now the owner of 1 stitch and 1 steri-strip. I have included a before and after photo for your viewing pleasure. He was not very pleased with me for taking a photo, but I can't only have photos of the happy times, Right?

Only 56!

I knew I would get it wrong! Mom responded to Yesterday's entry, and she is only 56! I could not remember if she was 19 when I was born and then turned 20, or 20 and then turned 21. Thanks for the correction Mom. Love Rose


My Mom's birthday was Yesterday, March 14. Happy Birthday Mom! I think she turned 57, but since I made a mistake on my own husband's age, I can not be trusted with those sort of numbers! Maybe she will leave a comment here after she reads this. My mom is currently in Panama hanging out with baby Sienna, I'm sure she had a great day! I love you MOM! Rosalie

Beautiful Baby

I had some beautiful photos in my email after class this evening. I wanted to share them with you. Isn't she gorgeous! This is the note from my mom. Sienna Alishia born at 9:38 on March 11. weight in at 6 lbs 13 oz. Mother and baby are doing find. Sienna's cord was to short and that is why she couldn't move around. They plan on being home Friday. Love to all

She's here!

Yesterday a new baby girl was added to our family. My sister and Brother-in-law had a baby girl! They named her Sienna Alishia. She was delivered by C-section because she was breech. The doctors told Rachel that she had a very short cord and could not turn. Everyone seemed to be well last night, but I did not get too many details. Unfortunately she is in Panama, so I can't run to the hospital to see her. My mom is there, so I hope to have a few more details and a photo soon.

By the way, if you read the post from last week, Andrew turned 38!!! Man he is getting old! (insert an evil sounding laugh here) My mother-in-law sent me an email with the math included, Thanks Joanne.

That's all for today, Wednesdays are really short days. The boys get out of school at 2pm instead of the regular 3:20. I also teach a night class on Wednesdays, so busy, busy day.

Parent / Teachers Conference

Today was our scheduled meeting with the teachers.

Ben's strengths: He loves to read; " He reads accurately with expression, phrasing, smoothness, and pace." He easily comprehends new math concepts like multiplication and division. He is also very good at problem solving. His weaknesses: He is too social! IMAGINE! He rushes through his work so he can talk to his friends. This results in messy assignments and careless mistakes, like missing periods on the end of his sentences.

Ethan is also excelling in school. He is so proud of his new reading skills. His word and number recognition is above grade expectations. He is very good at using pictures to solve his math problems. His writing continues to improve as well. He needs to work a little harder on raising his hand. He needs to learn to control his sillies!

I am so proud of both of them!

Our last hurrah before school started last year. We spent a day in Des Moines at the Zoo:

A little cooler page. The journal notes on the sled reads: The boys had a fantastic time sledding with our neighbors Dave and Stacey. Nadia did NOT! She hated the snow in her face!

Where did the week go?

This is what I was afraid of... Life rushing past me... forgetting to take notice of the little things.

I will start with a joke from Ethan. Andrew and I were joking about being capable of doing certain things. Ethan chimed in, " I am capable, I am wearing a Cape" Sure enough, He was dressed in the Superman outfit, cape and all! He has such a great sense of humor.

I will give a summary of the last week, I will not guarantee its length:

Sunday: Today was a last day of Hockey for this season. Ben had a tournament in Waterloo. It will be nice to have a few weekends at home to work on some house projects. We have not decided about summer season yet. Ben has made great progress and we don't want him to lose that over the summer months, but summer is supposed to be for riding bikes and enjoying the great outdoors.

Saturday: See Sunday

Friday: Went to my monthly scrapping crop. I worked on only 1 layout and decided to resize a few of the photos. I hope to finish that and post it later in the week.

Thursday and Wednesday: What did we do on these days?

Tuesday: Andrew's birthday, he turned a great big 38! Only 2 more years until the big 40! We went out for dinner with our dear friends, the Stauffers. We gave actually Andrew his presents on the weekend so the boys could play his video games. It's a good thing that Andrew is a little boy at heart and loves to play with his kids, because Ben and Ethan always pick presents that they want!

Tuesday was also the last day of swimming lessons. We have been taking lessons through Swim America. I was really unhappy with how the boys were progressing with lessons from the city. They were learning bad habits. Swim America guarantees small classes and highly qualified instructors. Of course the cost is about double, but I am happy with their progress; both have achieved a nice streamline position and have improved their kicks.

That's not funny!

Yesterday was a hint of Spring. I actually went for a nice long walk without a jacket. The high temperature was 63F (17C). Overnight we were "blessed" with freezing rain and more snow, Now the temperatures are 27F (-2C) with a wind chill. It's really not funny.... Time for spring.

Finished this Hockey Layout this weekend. I am sure that it is only 1 of many hockey layouts to come.