Where did the week go?

This is what I was afraid of... Life rushing past me... forgetting to take notice of the little things.

I will start with a joke from Ethan. Andrew and I were joking about being capable of doing certain things. Ethan chimed in, " I am capable, I am wearing a Cape" Sure enough, He was dressed in the Superman outfit, cape and all! He has such a great sense of humor.

I will give a summary of the last week, I will not guarantee its length:

Sunday: Today was a last day of Hockey for this season. Ben had a tournament in Waterloo. It will be nice to have a few weekends at home to work on some house projects. We have not decided about summer season yet. Ben has made great progress and we don't want him to lose that over the summer months, but summer is supposed to be for riding bikes and enjoying the great outdoors.

Saturday: See Sunday

Friday: Went to my monthly scrapping crop. I worked on only 1 layout and decided to resize a few of the photos. I hope to finish that and post it later in the week.

Thursday and Wednesday: What did we do on these days?

Tuesday: Andrew's birthday, he turned a great big 38! Only 2 more years until the big 40! We went out for dinner with our dear friends, the Stauffers. We gave actually Andrew his presents on the weekend so the boys could play his video games. It's a good thing that Andrew is a little boy at heart and loves to play with his kids, because Ben and Ethan always pick presents that they want!

Tuesday was also the last day of swimming lessons. We have been taking lessons through Swim America. I was really unhappy with how the boys were progressing with lessons from the city. They were learning bad habits. Swim America guarantees small classes and highly qualified instructors. Of course the cost is about double, but I am happy with their progress; both have achieved a nice streamline position and have improved their kicks.