It's obvious to all my faithful followers that I have neglected my blog for the last several week. Here's a run down of life the last few weeks.
-Oma and Opa spent over 2 weeks camping in the driveway. It was a really nice visit.

-Spring soccer ended. The boys really enjoyed their seasons.

-A few weeks of no evening commitments until summer hockey starts.

-DMACC cancelled my summer class due to low enrollment. I love the idea of no responsibility for the summer, but I will miss the money.

-The boys have 6 days of school left before summer break. Where did this year go?

-We have decided to sell our little cottage and find something bigger in Ames. Are we making the right decision? Please pray that we are.

-We have been going through boxes, toys, clothes and everything else in this house. What a time consuming project.

-Our best friends the Stauffers are moving to Ohio, We will truly miss them.
Pray that everything goes well with their house sale and move.

-We will be heading to Winnipeg to renew Andrew's Visa. Book your calendars we will be there June 29-July 4. Andrew likes to spend Canada Day in Canada. We will be driving home on the 4th. So we will be in the US on the fourth.

-The kids need passports before we leave, cross border families can be a little complex.

-Andrew has a project due at work early next week, He has been working late every night. He's a little tired.

-Yesterday it rained all day and through the night we accumulated over 3 inches.

I probably missed something, but that what's on my mind today.

Brushy Creek

We spent the afternoon and evening exploring Brushy Creek. We have received several recommendations about the park, so we decided to check it out. It was a perfect afternoon to wade our feet in the water. (Watch out for goose poop) and hike a short trail (Watch out for horse poop). The park is set up beautifully for horse camping and trail riding. We need to set up a camping weekend with Uncle Jay and Sarah. The boys would love a horse ride.

Spring in all its beauty.

As promised, here are a few photos of the spring flowers around our house. Our street is loaded with blooming trees; The redbuds and crab apple create a beautiful color display of pink and white. The Lilacs always give the air such a fragance, only reserved for spring. Finally, we have a flowering bush beside our house and this year it is loaded with blooms. The joyous colors of spring after the gray of winter, what a blessing.

More music

On Tuesday we were blessed with another concert. This time it was 4th grade recorders. I was once again impressed, these kids have only been playing since January. I am so glad that Ben is learning to enjoy music.

What a beauty!

I really should be showing you all the gorgeous spring flowers and trees, but maybe tomorrow. Today I want to share with you my beautiful daughter. We had her photos taken at Target today and they have already posted them online for me to view and share. Here's a few of my favorites. Isn't she the most adorable thing you have ever seen?