It's obvious to all my faithful followers that I have neglected my blog for the last several week. Here's a run down of life the last few weeks.
-Oma and Opa spent over 2 weeks camping in the driveway. It was a really nice visit.

-Spring soccer ended. The boys really enjoyed their seasons.

-A few weeks of no evening commitments until summer hockey starts.

-DMACC cancelled my summer class due to low enrollment. I love the idea of no responsibility for the summer, but I will miss the money.

-The boys have 6 days of school left before summer break. Where did this year go?

-We have decided to sell our little cottage and find something bigger in Ames. Are we making the right decision? Please pray that we are.

-We have been going through boxes, toys, clothes and everything else in this house. What a time consuming project.

-Our best friends the Stauffers are moving to Ohio, We will truly miss them.
Pray that everything goes well with their house sale and move.

-We will be heading to Winnipeg to renew Andrew's Visa. Book your calendars we will be there June 29-July 4. Andrew likes to spend Canada Day in Canada. We will be driving home on the 4th. So we will be in the US on the fourth.

-The kids need passports before we leave, cross border families can be a little complex.

-Andrew has a project due at work early next week, He has been working late every night. He's a little tired.

-Yesterday it rained all day and through the night we accumulated over 3 inches.

I probably missed something, but that what's on my mind today.