13 Years

Today, Andrew and I celebrate 13 Years of married life. Wow how life has changed. We are older, hopefully wiser. We have grown together and I am blessed to have Andrew in my life for all these years. I love you, Andrew. Thanks for sharing your life with me. Rosalie

This layout is just a little reminder of how special Andrew is in my life.
The layout is the last assignment in Jessica Sprague's "Up and Running" digital scrapbooking class. I have started her second class "Now We're Rockin" I started the first lesson last night. She has already taught us how to recolorize a photo. I can't wait to work on it some more today.

Oma and Opa Visit

Oma and Opa (Andrew's parents) have been and gone for almost a week now, and I am finally getting a chance to blog about it. They arrived on Thursday, September 11 and left on Monday, September 22. Our life was crazy busy while they were here, which meant they got to spend loads of quality time babysitting Nadia. She especially enjoyed their daily walks to the coffee shop and their trips to the park. They boys always look forward to their trip to the Dutch Oven Bakery.

Oma has started a tradition of making each Grandchild a quilt. Ben and Ethan have owned their's for several years, but Nadia's was just recently completed. The photo of the kids is a little far away, but I wanted you to see the quilts. She spent hours and hours, truly a treasure.

Happy 94!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! I hope you have a fantastic day. I love you!

Another installment from Jessica Sprague's digital scrapbooking class. This is the first time I started from scratch and created. I am really happy with how it turned out. For you digital girls, Here's my supply list.


SummerDriggs_ Limeade


The alphabet is from her class materials.

Monotype Corsiva font.

Boom Boom

Ben asked if he could be part of orchestra at school. Of course we could not say "No" to learning more music. The catch with this.... He chose the Bass. The instrument is larger than he is!! The school is ordering a smaller bass for him, but for now we have to negotiate how to get this instrument back and forth to school. His first lesson involved plucking each note several times. I must say I really love the deep warm sound of the bass. Close your eyes and imagine.....
Boom, Boom.... That's the sound from my living room.

Labor Day Weekend

Here a few of my favorite photos from the weekend spent with my family. The first picture is of Ben holding my niece Sienna. She is adorable and looks exactly like my sister's baby pictures. I included my favorite photo of my sister and her family. Aren't they adorable? Please be sure to notice the rare photo of me on this blog. The puppy in the photo is Jack, he is a Toy Australia Shepherd, and belongs to my brother's girlfriend. He is adorable, very well behaved and completely loved by the Kids.