14 years

We were married on September 30, 1995. Yesterday marked our 14th year of marriage. Since I teach a night class on Wednesdays;we barely saw each other. We had just enough time to snap a photo before I left for class.

The month of September was a whirlwind of activity.

My teaching load at DMACC has increased substantially this semester. I am teaching 4 classes and helping to teach another one which starts in November. Football at Roland-story is also in full swing. We are reaching the mid-point in the season and everyone seems to have little aches and pains. It can really be tiresome.

Andrew is working extra hours to complete a project, so he has been going back to work every night after the kids go to bed. He is helping to coach Ben's soccer team, and hockey will start in about 2 weeks , where he will be coaching Ethan's team again this year.

Ben has about an hour of homework every night plus he tries to practice 3 instruments (Piano, Bass and Bells) He hopes to read 25 books this year.

Ethan's homework consists of reading 15 -12 minutes everyday, spelling words and addition flashcards.

Nadia is usually very easy going and just follows the flow.

Life is full, but I feel very blessed.

Great Grandpa

Grandpa celebrated his 95 birthday on Sunday the 20th. We held an open house at his new home. We were really please with the turnout. He enjoyed the day, but was really tired. Here's a few photos of the day.

The Vos family met for it's 3rd annual camping weekend. We were missing only a few; Rachel, Tito and Sienna could not make the trip from Panama, and Joel had to work all 3 days. Everyone had a great time, except Deliah; she had a little difficulty sleeping with all the craziness. We enjoyed the weekend and barely had time to be bored. Here's a little summary of our fun in photos.
Riding a horse Playing some street hockey
floating down the river
catching toads
Eating a Popsicle
Playing baseball
playing disc golf
riding the merry go round
Just hanging out and enjoying each other's company.

Photo Update

For anyone following my Photo a day album. I finally took the time to update the photos. You can few them in my photo album found here: Project 365

Back to Scrap

I spent a little time last Thursday organizing my new scrapbook area. I decided that was not much fun, so I quit the organizing and worked on creating a page. This page is the cousins enjoying some time on the farm. All the supplies are from American Crafts, the sketch is from Pagemaps and the cutter files are Visual Designs by Chris.