Ben is currently reading a book series called, "A series of Unfortunate events." That would be a good title for the last few weeks. Ben unfortunately threw a disc golf Frisbee threw our dinner room window. Reflections glass was able to fix it for about $150. Still waiting for the bill. Second unfortunate event: Andrew backed out of the garage with the end gate of the van up. Did you know that a simple little plastic piece costs over $400. Unfortunately, my camera has not gotten any better and is still struggling to focus. I am slowing researching what I would like to buy, but in the mean time, the camera money has been thrown through a window and you get the point.

On to better news:

The hockey season has started, which adds insanity to our lives. We have had 4 hockey games in the past 2 weeks and many more to come. I can't really describe how much fun it is to watch the boys play. It's worth all the money, the driving and the chaos.

We have so many things to be thankful for. Here's today's Gratitude list:
1. Good jobs with steady incomes -just to cover all the unfortunate events!
2. Health - we have been very healthy even with the H1n1 flu around Ames.
3. Functioning vehicles - They may have cracks and dents, but they work.
4. Beautiful weather sunshine always lifts my spirits

I finally undated my photo album, be sure to check it out on the right side on this page. Until next time....

Trick or Treat

I could not resist scrapping these photos right away. We had so much fun and their smiles tell the story. Ethan has wanted to be a knight for a really long time. We actually bought his knight attire several months ago. Nadia, the little princess, wanted to be a princess. I loved the purple dress. Ben's costume was the most fun. I told him that he could have the money if I did not have to buy him a costume. For the last several weeks, he debated his costume. At 1 point he wanted to be a box, next day he was just going to dress as silly as he could be. He finally settled on being a wizard, by wearing my silk robe and a pointed hat. I thought it was perfect.

The boys could hardly wait to hit the streets for Trick or Treat. Nadia was not sure, she thought it might be more fun to stay at home. She changed her mind after the first house gave her a sucker! It was so fun to watch her excitement and wonder. I think she was amazed that people were giving her candy. She was the first person up to the next door and the first to run back and tell us what treasure she just received.

All in all, we had a great night.