Another week pasted

The Friday Funnies seem to be the most that I can handle right now....

We all thought this was funny for very different reasons.   I thought it spoke directly to my life right now...  no one seems to put anything away, they just move it to a new location.     The kids thought it was funny that Dad would capture Mom's little tantrum.   
Despite the heat,  the garden has been growing well.   We have been watering it pretty faithfully.   We recently commented that we should keep on eye on the rabbits and maybe get a fence put up.    The next morning,  the lettuce had been eaten to the ground and the peas were chewed off in many spots.    A rabbit fence is a necessity.  
Swimming lessons for Ethan and Nadia started this week.    We decided to save a little money and take lesson from the City and not Swim America.   I was a little unsure what level Ethan would be since the levels are not equivalent.   I was surprised how much better Ethan's form and stoke mechanics were compared to most of his class.   I guess the money paid to Swim America was well spent. 

We left early on Friday for the 1st of our mini vacations.    We went to Chicago to pick-up Rachel and Sienna from the Airport.  On Saturday, we took the Metro train into downtown.    
And wondered around the city, seeing the sites

When we arrived at the aquarium, we were surprised at the 1 1/2 hour wait for tickets.    The dad's volunteered to stand in line, while we wondered along the lake and played in the grass.

 We discovered a red-winged black bird feeding her babies, but she was not very happy that we were close to her. 

Once inside,  we enjoyed the aquarium.   The special jellies exhibit was really amazing.   Who know there were so many types of jelly fish.

One of my favorite photos of the weekend:   We don't get to see Tito very often and we truly enjoyed the day and half we spent with him.

It's Friday

It seems that the Friday Funnies are about all I can get posted.   So far this summer,  I feel that I have been doing lots of running to this activity and that.   At least the kids are not using my belly for a spring board,  i really should look at the bright side.    So until I find a few moments away from the craziness of my life, please enjoy the funnies.

Catching up another week:
Not many photos for this week, but we were very busy.    We picked Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries at the Berry Patch.   There is really nothing better than fresh berries.
 We spent a couple hours on Wednesday afternoon playing at Ledges State Park.   
 An Thursday afternoon at the pool.    Some days, we prefer the indoor pool.   No sunscreen required, it is often less busy, except on certain days when the day cares arrive.   The boys also like that they can dive down to the bottom of the 12 foot section. 

8 more weeks of summer

We are slowing getting into our summer schedule, but we have many moments of  boredom.   It's hard to imagine that they can't find something to do!  
This week marks the ends the end of spring soccer and the end of an era.   Ben and Kyle has been playing together since first grade.    Due to Kyle's early birthday,  he will be to old.   They will get to play again in high school.    Here's a photo with the coaches and their other friend Galen.

 I have a small obsession.   Can an obsession be considered small?   Since getting my Samsung tablet for Mother's day,   I play Words with Friends.  ALOT !!!
Nadia spent a few days with AnnaB at Grandma's house.   Too many bubbles in this bath.  
Unfortunately,  the sleepover ended a day early with a small forehead injury.     Nadia ended the day with 5 stitches.   
 Saturday we had a belated 13th birthday party.     Just a few boys running around the back yard.    Ethan's friend Lucy came for the afternoon as well.    
One of his gifts was a remote control helicopter.    It is totally cool, he love it.  
Sunday afternoon we headed down to spend the evening with the family in the Vos pool.    Always a great way to end a day.


Can you believe how ridiculous parents can be?   

For everyone that's following my blog,  you may have noticed that I missed a few weeks with my project life.    Don't worry,   I have been diligently taking photos.   It just seems that posting them to my blog is a bit over whelming.     I am going to try and catch you up on what's been happening in our lives.  

Week 22:
 Sunday we spent the day in Osky with Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma.    Always a couple rounds of scrabble, which I won this week.    That is very unusual.   Great- grandma usually beats us all.  

Nadia and AnnaB played with the Neighbor in the sprinkler.

Late in the day,  everyone had tired of talking.    At one point, everyone was playing on some type of electronic device;   Tablets, phones,  or ipods.   We are really a electronic family. 

Some pretty good artistic skills in this family.   Ethan created this sidewalk drawing.   It's his skylander video game figure.  

Ben attended his first paintball birthday party.    He had a blast shooting his friends.    I wonder if we will see more paint ball parties.  

May Layout Share

Slowing working on some scrapbook pages.   I have lots of idea, but oh so little time to myself.  

1.  For a color challenge over at Design House Digital.  Just a little blurb about turning 40.  
anna aspens ArtsyLayeredTemplate33
dhd-audreyNeal bloghop
2.  Nadia loves her dresses that match her doll's
Antonia Krajicek Template Tuesday 45
Count your memories by Erica Coombs
StampedAlpha1-by Erica Coombs
YoungHearts by Erica Coombs
Just the Basics paint splatters by Erica Coombs
3.  For the Journal Challenge over at Design House Digital.   We were challenged to use a Quote.   I have been meaning to create a page with the Dr. Seuss quote for some time.
EnRoute-by EricaCoombs
Beautiful Memories - Layered Template by EricaCoombs
 4. An update to my 2011 album.   The month of June.

I used several kits and recolored the striped paper to blend them all together.

Supplies used:
JenMartakis_February Pea Soup
JenMartakis _LovelyAlpha
JenMartakis_March Pea Soup
Shabby Princess Template

We have reached the half way point of 2012.   The weather is perfect, I have cut my work hours and we are spending more time outside.   Unfortunately,  I have also lost my enthusiasm for keeping my weekly updates.    I hope to do better, but know that it will really depend on the week.   Week 21:
Sunday was spent watching Ben play soccer.  He had 2 games:  the first in Winterset and the second in Indianola.    It was nice to make the drive only once.   The boys were definitely tired after 2 hard fought games.  
This was the last week of school.   Since we had such a mild winter with no snow days, we were finished before Memorial Day.   

On Saturday the boys ran the Annual Cleats for feet race, which is sponsored by Andrew's work.   Andrew and Ethan ran last year, but this year Ben joined them.   
Everyone was pretty sore for the next few days.   
Be back soon with Week 22 photos.  

Saturday Funny

I have fallen a little behind the last couple weeks.  Here's Yesterday's Funny.

Why do we always blame it on someone else?  and  Working together is a little challenging around here.