Week 25, June 17-23, 2012

Despite the heat,  the garden has been growing well.   We have been watering it pretty faithfully.   We recently commented that we should keep on eye on the rabbits and maybe get a fence put up.    The next morning,  the lettuce had been eaten to the ground and the peas were chewed off in many spots.    A rabbit fence is a necessity.  
Swimming lessons for Ethan and Nadia started this week.    We decided to save a little money and take lesson from the City and not Swim America.   I was a little unsure what level Ethan would be since the levels are not equivalent.   I was surprised how much better Ethan's form and stoke mechanics were compared to most of his class.   I guess the money paid to Swim America was well spent. 

We left early on Friday for the 1st of our mini vacations.    We went to Chicago to pick-up Rachel and Sienna from the Airport.  On Saturday, we took the Metro train into downtown.    
And wondered around the city, seeing the sites

When we arrived at the aquarium, we were surprised at the 1 1/2 hour wait for tickets.    The dad's volunteered to stand in line, while we wondered along the lake and played in the grass.

 We discovered a red-winged black bird feeding her babies, but she was not very happy that we were close to her. 

Once inside,  we enjoyed the aquarium.   The special jellies exhibit was really amazing.   Who know there were so many types of jelly fish.

One of my favorite photos of the weekend:   We don't get to see Tito very often and we truly enjoyed the day and half we spent with him.