Week 21, May 20 - 26 2012

We have reached the half way point of 2012.   The weather is perfect, I have cut my work hours and we are spending more time outside.   Unfortunately,  I have also lost my enthusiasm for keeping my weekly updates.    I hope to do better, but know that it will really depend on the week.   Week 21:
Sunday was spent watching Ben play soccer.  He had 2 games:  the first in Winterset and the second in Indianola.    It was nice to make the drive only once.   The boys were definitely tired after 2 hard fought games.  
This was the last week of school.   Since we had such a mild winter with no snow days, we were finished before Memorial Day.   

On Saturday the boys ran the Annual Cleats for feet race, which is sponsored by Andrew's work.   Andrew and Ethan ran last year, but this year Ben joined them.   
Everyone was pretty sore for the next few days.   
Be back soon with Week 22 photos.  


  • Betty | June 7, 2012 at 3:39 PM

    Way to go running a 5K! I just had to encourage you all on that one. We are still enjoying running!

    Betty & Harm