Week 22, May 27 - June 2, 2012

For everyone that's following my blog,  you may have noticed that I missed a few weeks with my project life.    Don't worry,   I have been diligently taking photos.   It just seems that posting them to my blog is a bit over whelming.     I am going to try and catch you up on what's been happening in our lives.  

Week 22:
 Sunday we spent the day in Osky with Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma.    Always a couple rounds of scrabble, which I won this week.    That is very unusual.   Great- grandma usually beats us all.  

Nadia and AnnaB played with the Neighbor in the sprinkler.

Late in the day,  everyone had tired of talking.    At one point, everyone was playing on some type of electronic device;   Tablets, phones,  or ipods.   We are really a electronic family. 

Some pretty good artistic skills in this family.   Ethan created this sidewalk drawing.   It's his skylander video game figure.  

Ben attended his first paintball birthday party.    He had a blast shooting his friends.    I wonder if we will see more paint ball parties.