Week 23, June 3 - 9, 2012

This week marks the ends the end of spring soccer and the end of an era.   Ben and Kyle has been playing together since first grade.    Due to Kyle's early birthday,  he will be to old.   They will get to play again in high school.    Here's a photo with the coaches and their other friend Galen.

 I have a small obsession.   Can an obsession be considered small?   Since getting my Samsung tablet for Mother's day,   I play Words with Friends.  ALOT !!!
Nadia spent a few days with AnnaB at Grandma's house.   Too many bubbles in this bath.  
Unfortunately,  the sleepover ended a day early with a small forehead injury.     Nadia ended the day with 5 stitches.   
 Saturday we had a belated 13th birthday party.     Just a few boys running around the back yard.    Ethan's friend Lucy came for the afternoon as well.    
One of his gifts was a remote control helicopter.    It is totally cool, he love it.  
Sunday afternoon we headed down to spend the evening with the family in the Vos pool.    Always a great way to end a day.