Scrapbook success

I have been scrap booking for many years and thoroughly love the process.  I scrap mostly for personal relaxation and enjoyment.  The kids love to page through their books.  Nadia often asks me to read her's.  I have been serving as part of the Creative Team for Visual Designs by Chris for many years.  I have enjoyed this responsibility as well. But,  I still have aspirations of being published in a book or magazine.  I have been submitting pages occasionally, but nothing has ever been requested.   About 2 weeks ago, that changed. 4 scrapbook pages have been requested.   Yes,  I said 4!  I am actually in shock.  It will be so much fun to see my name in print.   I will show you when I can.

I will also be serving a 3 month position (May - June)   for an online sketch site called Let's Scrap.   I will create a page every week to be shared on their website.  I will also share them here with you.

Unfortunately, none of these submissions or the creative team position have financial reimbursement,   It's just an ego builder.  I can now brag about being published.   It's really quite trivial in the scope of life, but fun none the less.

She's 4

Nadia turned 4 this week.  She was really excited all week!

On Sunday:   Grandpa and Grandma came to Ames for lunch at Applebee's and presents.  Nadia was blessed with a doll house from Grandpa and Grandma.

We ate cake and ice cream.  Nadia blew out 4 candles.

On Tuesday, She  invited 2 friends over for the afternoon.  She now owns 2 Barbies (Andrew and I were actually trying to avoid Barbie, what can we do now?)

She fell asleep playing with her doll house at 4:30 this afternoon.

On Wednesday:  Nadia brought cupcakes to school.

I took a few photos of her in the sandbox.   She poses like a model!  I completely love this little girl!!!

Ben's 5th Grade combined school band concert. Ben is way in the back playing the bells.

Close-up...still not sure how to get the DSLR to take this kind of shot...oh well.

Spring Flowers

Spring has arrived here in Ames.  We have been having beautiful days of sunshine and warm temperatures.  Spring flowers are probably my favorite.  I have been spending time outside with my camera.  Here's a few of my better shots. 

Easter on the farm.

We spent Easter Sunday at Jason and Sarah's Farm.  Here' s a few photos explaining our day:

They have a new baby colt, so cute....  He is currently nameless, the kids are supposed to be thinking of names for Jay and Sarah.

Sarah saddled up Rebel for a few rides.  Everyone took a turn with Sarah leading us.  Ethan really loves horses, we should try to take him down more often. 

The "big" kids hid the Easter eggs for the "little" kids.  After the Eggs had been found, everyone enjoyed the chocolate.

What a beautiful day to remember the Resurrection of our LORD.