Scrapbook success

I have been scrap booking for many years and thoroughly love the process.  I scrap mostly for personal relaxation and enjoyment.  The kids love to page through their books.  Nadia often asks me to read her's.  I have been serving as part of the Creative Team for Visual Designs by Chris for many years.  I have enjoyed this responsibility as well. But,  I still have aspirations of being published in a book or magazine.  I have been submitting pages occasionally, but nothing has ever been requested.   About 2 weeks ago, that changed. 4 scrapbook pages have been requested.   Yes,  I said 4!  I am actually in shock.  It will be so much fun to see my name in print.   I will show you when I can.

I will also be serving a 3 month position (May - June)   for an online sketch site called Let's Scrap.   I will create a page every week to be shared on their website.  I will also share them here with you.

Unfortunately, none of these submissions or the creative team position have financial reimbursement,   It's just an ego builder.  I can now brag about being published.   It's really quite trivial in the scope of life, but fun none the less.