Busy month

Summer has been flying along since my last post.

Father's day - nothing special.  The kids spent most of Father's day with Uncle Joel and Aunt Missy.  I taught the Coaching class for DMACC and Andrew spent the day studying for his exam.   We did manage a few minutes for a photo shoot.   

The boys have been actively participating in the VERB program.  It's a summer program designed to get kids active.  They have done a biking challenge, a tennis workshop, and played basketball at the gym.   They also attended a 2 day Soccer camp host by Fellowship of Christian athletes.  That's on top of Summer hockey practice twice a week.  No couch potatoes here.  
Nadia has also been playing summer hockey.  She can not shuffle by herself.  She has also learned how to stand up after she falls.  She is very excited a looks forward to Monday evenings.  The last thing we need in this house is another hockey player.  

We have been enjoying our summer so far. 

End of School photos

This is a continuation of the previous post.  Here are the accompanying photos. 

Ben and Ethan celebrate the last day of school.

Nadia felt left out of the photo session, so I snapped a few of her as well. 

Ben  came home last Thursday with a certificate of  Completion of Elementary School.   He wonders why he has to go to school on Friday.  

Ben also earned a certificate, badge and trophy for scoring the second highest score in the school in the Math Olympiads.  When I asked him what this was for, he responded, " it just means I'm smart"    Oh I am well aware.  

Summer has begun! 

School's out for SUMMER!

Friday was the last day of School here for the boys.  They are excited for the freedom of summer vacation.  They have spent most of today in the driveway playing hockey with the neighbors.