Mother's Day

Well,  I started this blog post back on May 10...   Today is May 26 so,  and I am going to just show you the Mother's day photos.   I had a very nice Mother's day spent enjoying my family.  I hope you had a great Mother's day as well.

Ben endured my annual photo shoot even with his hair cut.  He knew it was mother's day and he could not complain.  He did ask if he could wear a hat.   :)

Nadia and I posed while we waited for the boys.

My mother's day gift was a beautiful bush full of pink blooms.  Nadia's choice of course.

Disc Golf Party

To celebrate his birthday,  Ben invited 4 friends and  his little brother to play disc golf.  It was a cold and windy Saturday, but the kids still had lots of fun.  Ben ranks this sport is 3rd favorite behind Hockey and Soccer.

After playing disc golf, we picked up ice cream and headed home to open his presents.  He was excited to receive 2 new discs, a nerf dart gun (Way cool!) and a Subway gift card (Kyle knew he loves the meatball sub). 

It's really nice to have such great friends to help his celebrate his 11th Birthday.  

Oh no! Not again!

We did it again,   we have promised not to fight Ben about his hair.  We truly  believe there are other things in life that are more important than his hair.  He is a great kid, respectful to others and doing very well in school.  So who cares about the hair right?!

Well,  Andrew and I decided he needed to have a cut.  We really wanted it cleaned up, our thoughts were about 2 inches.   So Friday evening,  I took him to Great Clips  (Andrew swears that was our 1st mistake).  The stylist barely took a 1/2 inch off.  I knew at the time, it need to be shorter, but I let it go.    (2nd Mistake)  When Ben and I got home, Andrew and I decided Ben need to go back.   (Mistake #3)  My expectations were another inch or so, unfortunately,  she completely layered the back.   I saw it happening, but couldn't really do anything at that point.  

Ben is so upset,  he wore his hat all day yesterday.  He seems a little comforted by the fact that is will grow.  He swears that it will take 2 years.   Unfortunately he might be right; check out my post from July 2008.   Almost exactly 2 years ago.  

This time I did not torture him with a picture.   I snapped one while he was still in the chair.  You can see his reflections in the window.   After the dust has settled, I post a photo. 

Blog Hop # 6

Welcome to stop #6 on the Let's Scrap Design Team Blog Hop.  Below you will find a list of those DT'swho are joining us in the blog hop.    Each stop on the hop will offer you a
different challenge.  Become a follower of each Design Team Member's blog
and as you complete each challenge, upload your finished project to   Return to each blog and make sure to leave
a comment letting us know that you have completed the challenge and uploaded
it to Let's Scrap.  Make sure you tag your project with the appropriate tag.   My challenge will be tagged bloghop#6

Each Design Team member will randomly select a winner of a small prize for
participating.  For the ULTIMATE challenge, and for a chance to win a $50
gift certificate to A Cherry On Top, complete
the challenges you will find on EACH stop on the blog hop.  Make sure to tag
your uploads properly so you are sure to be entered into the random drawing.

You can start anywhere along the way within this great group of blogs and
each one will link from one site to the next where you will find all the
great challenges!  And the best part is you have two complete weeks to
upload your challenge entries.  Even if you don't win the grand prize, if
you choose to complete all the challenges available, just think, you will
have 10 completed projects!

Let's get this hop started!!  Remember, to become a follower and return to
leave a comment after completing each challenge.  Good luck, and have

1. Susan -
2. Cori -
3. Deb -
4. Jean -
5. Sally -
6. Rosalie -    You are Here!  
7. Scarlett -
8. Carolina -
9. Nana -
10.  Kristie -

After reading all the fine print, here's my challenge.   I went way, way back in the Let's Scrap photo gallery, page 259 to be exact and found this layout by Lynn.   play  

 I was drawn to the bright color on the black background.  I love the diecut cardstock peaking under the photo.  I loved the line of buttons and the simple title.   So really, everything about this layout caught my eye.  My challenge is to find something in this layout that you love and scraplift it.   Surely you can be more creative than I was....  I lifted the whole thing! 

Remember to Tag your Layouts Bloghop#6
I can't wait to see your scraplifts. 
I am working on a prize and will post that later.   



Let's scrap week #1

I have completed my first week as a Creative Team member of Let's Scrap.   Here's my first layout.   It's a photo of Ethan reading to Nadia.   So Sweet,    Ethan loves to read to his little sister and she loves to listen.  I wonder how long this will last.  

Here's close-up of the photo.  I have been experimenting with combining the digital scrapbook skills that I have learned with traditional paper scrapping.   It's called hybrid scrapping.   This photo was edited to Black and white.  I then added a Jessica Sprague grungy mask, and finally a reading frame from Miss Mint.   I love how it turned out.

He turns 11!

Today we officially entered the pre-teen years.  It's really hard to believe that my kid is only 2 years away from being a teenager.  YIKES!  

I just wanted to share a little bit about Ben at 11.

1. He loves peanut butter, but hates peanuts
2. He often eats 4 apples a day.  Before breakfast, lunch, after school snack and bedtime.
3. He plays soccer and disc golf, but his passion is Hockey
4.  He has read almost 25 books this school year
5.  He hates haircuts
6.  He doesn't like Chicken.
7.  He can play 5 instruments:  piano, recorder, string bass, drums and bells
8.  He loves to laugh and be silly
9.  He finds homework soooooo boring, but really excels in school.
10 He smells like a teenager, especially after soccer
11.  He always has something in his mouth....his thumb, his shirt, his hair

Happy Birthday Ben!