Boys and Showers

What is the deal with Boys and Showers?

It is really unbelievable that we are approaching the half way point of 2012.    Life seems to speed by.   I hope by snapping these day to day photos, I grab a little bit of life to savor.    The photos this week:
Sunday May 13 was Mother's Day.    The kids know they must pose with me for my annual mother's day photo.    

Nadia went to a birthday party on Saturday.    Her face painting was unbelievable.   Check out this face painter's website.   She is really good and the girls LOVED it.
 Tuesday was the final Orchestra concert.   You can see Ben in the back with the other Bass players.

  As the school year winds down,  Ben and Andrew review some Math homework. 
Nadia was home sick a couple days this week.  She really felt fine, but had a fever with a slight cough.

Zeke sneaks out of the home almost everyday now.    He usually just sits in the sun, but sometimes he checks out what's under the wood pile.
Friday,   we enjoyed dinner and a fire on the back porch.  

Fly Paradise

I grew up on a farm....   enough said......

Doing my best to play catch up with my project life.     Here's week 19:
 The weather has been perfect for outside activities.    Mild temperatures and NO BUGS!
 The pottery we painted at Kiln' time looks great.   I am really happy with my chip and dip bowl.   It was super fun,  I would recommend it to anyone.  
You can often find Ethan on the couch reading a book.    Opa is checking out what he is reading.  
 You can often find me at the computer.     Sending messages, checking grades, paying bills and of course a little digital scrapbooking.  
 Spring is concert time.    Middle school band concert this week and orchestra next week. 
The Goldfinches have found our feeder. They are so pretty to watch.   
That's all for this week,  I am afraid that the camera still has a few photos from this week ,but I can update it as needed.   ENJOY!

May is already flying by.   The end of school of the year is rapidly approaching and Summer is filling up.    Here's the photos from Week 18:
Aldi is a regular in my shopping routine.    It's still the cheapest place in town to buy milk.   I usually buy 3 gallons at a time and that will last us just over a week.   

Tuesday, Ethan had a consult with an orthodontist.     We are not sure if he need braces or not.   We have another consult in early June for another opinion.  
The end of the school year means lots of music concerts.  The boys show off for Oma and Opa.
Ben turned 13.   We celebrated at Texas Road House in Des Moines.    Ben loves the ribs.
Saturday was a very busy day.   We spent the morning getting the garden planted.

In the evening,  Andrew and I dressed up and headed to the hockey fundraising gala.
 The kids enjoyed dinner with their grandparents including Great Grandma. 


I can not take credit for this one, this is all Ben.  Please read it with your 13 year old boy brain.   I must admit, it is funny and oh soooo  true!   

Friday funny

Yes, yes,  the job of a parent is to be annoying.  

I am a little on the late side this week, but here is Week 17 .
We actually had a very busy week.   Laundry day.    We average about 7 loads per week.   That does not include towels or bed sheets.   
 A new snack.  Pretzel chips.   YUM!
Ethan practices his piano lessons.  

He usually has a lesson on Tuesday after school, but week he had his first orchestra concert with his cello.    He did a great job.    
I joined a Yoga class on Wednesdays for the next couple of week.    Enjoyed my first class, but it was a little to mellow for me.

 Ben had soccer practice on Wednesday, but it was cold and rainy.

Ethan had a survival field trip at McFarland park on Thursday.    They built shelters and fires.    Here's Ethan building his shelter.   

Nadia headed to McFarland on Friday for a hike. 

On Saturday,   the boys built a garden box.   Oma and Opa also arrived on Saturday, but I did not get a photo.   

The CAT .....   Still here and still meowing for food every morning.    Andrew put him on a diet, but like most people, he hasn't lost anything.