Week 18 April 30 - May 5, 1012

May is already flying by.   The end of school of the year is rapidly approaching and Summer is filling up.    Here's the photos from Week 18:
Aldi is a regular in my shopping routine.    It's still the cheapest place in town to buy milk.   I usually buy 3 gallons at a time and that will last us just over a week.   

Tuesday, Ethan had a consult with an orthodontist.     We are not sure if he need braces or not.   We have another consult in early June for another opinion.  
The end of the school year means lots of music concerts.  The boys show off for Oma and Opa.
Ben turned 13.   We celebrated at Texas Road House in Des Moines.    Ben loves the ribs.
Saturday was a very busy day.   We spent the morning getting the garden planted.

In the evening,  Andrew and I dressed up and headed to the hockey fundraising gala.
 The kids enjoyed dinner with their grandparents including Great Grandma.