Week 20 - May 13-19, 2012

It is really unbelievable that we are approaching the half way point of 2012.    Life seems to speed by.   I hope by snapping these day to day photos, I grab a little bit of life to savor.    The photos this week:
Sunday May 13 was Mother's Day.    The kids know they must pose with me for my annual mother's day photo.    

Nadia went to a birthday party on Saturday.    Her face painting was unbelievable.   Check out this face painter's website.   She is really good and the girls LOVED it.    www.princess-pirate-lucinda.com
 Tuesday was the final Orchestra concert.   You can see Ben in the back with the other Bass players.

  As the school year winds down,  Ben and Andrew review some Math homework. 
Nadia was home sick a couple days this week.  She really felt fine, but had a fever with a slight cough.

Zeke sneaks out of the home almost everyday now.    He usually just sits in the sun, but sometimes he checks out what's under the wood pile.
Friday,   we enjoyed dinner and a fire on the back porch.