Parent / Teachers Conference

Today was our scheduled meeting with the teachers.

Ben's strengths: He loves to read; " He reads accurately with expression, phrasing, smoothness, and pace." He easily comprehends new math concepts like multiplication and division. He is also very good at problem solving. His weaknesses: He is too social! IMAGINE! He rushes through his work so he can talk to his friends. This results in messy assignments and careless mistakes, like missing periods on the end of his sentences.

Ethan is also excelling in school. He is so proud of his new reading skills. His word and number recognition is above grade expectations. He is very good at using pictures to solve his math problems. His writing continues to improve as well. He needs to work a little harder on raising his hand. He needs to learn to control his sillies!

I am so proud of both of them!

Our last hurrah before school started last year. We spent a day in Des Moines at the Zoo:

A little cooler page. The journal notes on the sled reads: The boys had a fantastic time sledding with our neighbors Dave and Stacey. Nadia did NOT! She hated the snow in her face!