My thoughts.....

I was challenged to create a scrapbook page about "What's on your mind" Here's my version of My thoughts:
The supplies used are:
Becky Fleck pagemap
LivE I sing for Spring kit
KDS word art template
The journal block reads:
Being a very practical person, my mind is filled with thoughts of the day to day activities of life as a mother: What do I feed them? What time is Soccer practice? Do they have their homework finished? Etc...

But when I have a quiet moment,my thoughts become reflective. Am I being the best mother that I can be? Am I teaching my children to be confident and wise in their decision making? Most importantly, am I teaching them to make Jesus
the cornerstone of life? Honestly, I know there is room for improvements. I pray
every day for guidance and wisdom as I continue this journey of being a mother. I hope that my children know how much I love them.

Enjoy the little insight into my thoughts. Rosalie