Project Life

In 2009 and 2010,   I embarked on the journey of photographing our daily life everyday for 365 days.   While I loved the finished product,  (seeing 365 photos in a single album)  it become a little tedious.   I took a break from the project in 2011, but I truly missed it.    So 2012 has arrived with a new philosophy on documenting our everyday life.   I am embarking on a new journal called "Project Life"    This is not a new concept and I certainly did not invent it.  The original idea is from Becky Higgins, and you can read more about it at her website.     The concept is simple; document your life in photos and words.  

I have committed to this project.    Here's some of my thoughts:  
  • I am going to approach this project on a weekly basis
  • This will not be a 365 or 366 photo project. The number of photos will vary each week.  
  • I will post my weekly photos and words on this blog every Sunday or Monday
  • I will be putting these in a binder with scrapbook paper and written notes.
  • I will try to use my stash of scrapbook supplies and purchase as little as possible,  which means, my colors will not always match.  
  • Keep it simple and enjoy the process.
My title page photo.   Andrew snapped this photo of my during our Christmas celebration.   It's a really good photo of me capturing our life.

 Here's my photos for this week:

The first photo of 2012.   Andrew and I shared a glass of wine at Midnight.  We had the Vos cousins over for the night, we celebrated early and sent them to bed. 

We did it!   After several years of discussing, debating, looking and pricing,  we purchased a new dining room set.    Our special order should arrive in March.

A new haircut and color for me.    The stylist spent way to much time straightening my curls.   Even though I got lots of comments about my new do, I am back to curls.
A couple price photos for the first week.  The milk sale is my favorite.

A library visit this week.  Nadia has "graduated"  from the picture books to the easy readers.  

Finished up mailing the Christmas newsletters. 

That sums up week 1