Week 11 March 11-17

Spring Break Week.   The kids enjoyed a week away from the routine of school, and the weather was beyond gorgeous.   Record breaking actually, with temperatures in the 80s (26 for my Celsius readers) Here's our photos from the week.     

On Sunday evening,  we broke out the OLD   Dance Dance Revolution PS2 game.    We are really terrible at it, but had some good family fun.   

Ben and Ethan gave up using their feet.  They claim that it's more fun with your hands. 
A great week to get out the bikes and enjoy the neighborhood.   Unfortunately,   Ethan has completely out grown his bike.   
 Our new table arrived on Thursday.    We love it, but really don't want to eat on it,  we might scratch it!
 Since I did not have Spring Break,  the kids spent Wednesday - Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa's house.   I arrived on Friday to help prepare for Grandma's birthday party on Saturday evening.    

The youngest attendee,     My cousin's baby is only 6 weeks old.   She was so precious.