Week 12 March 18-24

The weather is the biggest story from this week.   We had absolutely gorgeous weather for both weekend with much needed rain during the week.    Here's the photos.   

Zeke has been sneaking out of the house to enjoy the sunshine.    On Sunday, sunned himself on the warm rocks.     Sunday was also the day that someone in our family got a speeding ticket.   I'm not telling you who, but it wasn't me.    $85  ouch!    Do not coast down Hyland,   Use your brakes.

Spring flowers are in full bloom,  in fact,  the crocus are already gone.    I think my favorite spring flower in my garden is this pink hyacinth.  

We put our bird feeder up for the summer.   Last year the squirrels stole most of the seed before the birds even had a chance.   So this year we move it away from the trees with hopes that we limit squirrels but still get a few birds.    A blue jay found us.  
It rained on and off several days this week.    We needed it, so it was not to depressing

Soccer season started this week as well.   It was a little rough with the rain, but at least it wasn't snow. 

It's time for a new bike for Ethan.   He grew alot this winter and his old bike was almost to small last summer.   We spent a couple rainy evenings in the bike store.  
Yes,  I have a photo of road kill on my blog,  but is has a story.   And no, it's not that I was really desperate for photos.   Friday when I was driving home,  I saw a really large bird snacking on some road kill,  as I got closer,   I realized it was a turkey vulture.    I don't know about you,  but I don't remember ever seeing one in town.   I lived on a farm,  I remember them growing up, but in the CITY?!   I went home to get my camera and slowly walked back to the road kill.   Here's a few photos.   The first photos is a comparison shot between the fairly large crow and the extremely large  turkey vulture.  It was probably the coolest thing I saw this week. 

Saturday was a beautiful day again.    We went to the Eco Fair at the city auditorium in the morning and spent the afternoon outside.    We replanted our cucumbers and the small dogwood, that we go from the Eco fair.   Ethan and Andrew cleaned the gutters.    We spent the evening at game night with friends.  

Another week to enjoy.