Week 10 March 4-10

It's hard to believe that the week started out with several inches of snow.    About 5 inches in fact.   The kids had a great time playing in it, because of the warm temperatures.    So warm, in fact, that by Monday it had all melted.  

Monday was a trip to the library to prepare for Spring Break reading.   
 Nadia did her own pigtails. much better than I usually do.  

Tuesday was State Basketball day.    The RS boys had successfully made it all the way to the state tournament.   Unfortunately,  they could not pull out a win. 

Green Hill retirement community has opened a new Wellness center.    I have been asked to supervise the fitness room a couple hours per week.   Thursday was the first day I worked.   

Friday - The kids started Spring break
Ethan and I made some granola 
 Nadia and I planted some tomatoes and cucumbers for the summer garden. 

Another healthy and happy week, with lots to be thankful for.