Week 8 - February 19-25

 Another busy week with Hockey on both ends of the week. 

Ethan team is finished for the season, but Ben played this last weekend.    His team is improving and playing better every  weekend, so it's sad to see it end.  

This week's highlight was shopping for our new stove.  
We spent most of Monday shopping for a new stove.   Ken's appliance in Ames was the last place we stopped & we were very glad we did.   
I bought the stove on Tuesday and they delivered on Wednesday.   That was a huge selling point, as other places had to order it.    How can you wait 10 days for a stove?
 Here it is!     We decided to buy a Whirlpool and so far,   have been really happy with it. 

 Nadia was pretty proud of her newly acquired skill. 
Zeke will often just sit and stare at me.   I think he's only 1/2 awake, since we spends most of the day sleeping.
 The grocery advertisements arrive in the paper on Wednesday evening.   I enjoy creating my shopping list on Thursday morning. 

We woke up to several inches of snow on Friday morning.   It was so pretty.    Unfortunately,  it has mostly melted already.  

Ben's school hosted a floor hockey evening.   Guess who did not want to miss that school event.    It seems he is a bit of a super star on the floor hockey team.   

I have been participating in a Beth Moore bible study.    I have really enjoyed it so far.    I have had a little trouble keeping up with the homework,  but it's been really good.