Week 6 February 5-11

Another pretty normal week, with a little hockey on the weekends.    This photo was taken last Sunday,   I love how Ben is intently listening to his coaches direction..   Ben scored his first Hat trick of the season in their first game on  Sunday,  so he was pretty happy.   Unfortunately,  his team is full of ups and downs and lost their second game.

 Our neighbor made Nadia a black and orange skirt for the Hockey sisters.     She is posing for you.   Notice our lack of snow.   NOTHING.

   Nadia is diligently working on writing her valentines for next week. 
 Our neighbor is a great friend to both the boys,  but this is how I found them on Thursday after school.   A friendship built on Electronic devices.   All 3 were playing their ipods. 
We were home on Friday evening,  which is a rarity during hockey season.    The boys played a little ping-pong on our new Christmas table.

   Friday night was cold enough to create some beautiful frost on the window. 

Saturday was a game of refereeing for Ben and couple hockey games for Ethan.   AT least we were home this weekend.   That's a real treat.