January 20 - February 4 Week 5

After all the time we spend at the hockey rink for the boys,  Nadia demands a little ice time as well.   Andrew has taken her a couple times this year and she is rapidly improving.    She's not very keen on playing hockey.   She often mentions the "F"  word.    Figure Skating.    I don't know if we are prepared to jump on that ship.  

Nadia came home from school on Friday with a fever.   Thankfully, it was short lived.  She is her talkative self already.   
The big news was supposed to be the snow storm we had on Saturday.    Unfortunately,  It moved South and gave Des Moines 6 inches, but We still have no snow on the ground.   BUMMER!

Zeke loves to hang out in the bathroom while we shower.    He is really hard to photograph.  He always closes his eyes!

No hockey for Ethan this weekend, Ben had 3 games.    Very mixed results with his team.   They lost 2 and won 1.    Ben scored his first hat trick this season.    It is so hard to watch when you know they can play much better.    

Here's a photo from the photo challenge.   A picture of hands.     

Enjoy the week!