Week 7 : February 12 - 18

Here's our week in photos.

Since Christmas,   we have been attending our parent church in Ankeny.   We are getting to know our new pastor.   We are also meeting weekly to establish our core values, mission statements and our Name.   Any ideas?  

On Sunday afternoon,  we celebrated January and February birthdays with the Vos's.   A Vos tradition of Pizza and ice cream. 

What great older brothers.  

We had several inches of snow on Monday.    It was actually enough that we had to shovel.    But notice, that Ben did not even wear boots or a hat.    Needless to say,  it has all melted away. 

Ben had a band concert on Tuesday.   He is playing his Bass and the Bass guitar for JAZZ band and really loving it.  

Basketball playoffs are in full swing.   Both the girls and the boys teams are playing very well right now.   So, it makes for a busy and fun week. 

Ethan and I baked some cookies to enjoy this weekend on the hockey trip.    Unfortunately, we had a little mishap.   Actually,  it wasn't so little.    I was cleaning the underside of my kitchen aid mixture,when it slipped out of my hand and landed on the glass top stove.     YEP,  shattered the top.   See the photo below.      At least the oven still works,  so we could finish the cookies. 

Isn't it pretty  ?!

Friday was my 40th Birthday.    I don't have any great birthday stories to tell you,   except that I am buying a new stove for my birthday present.     I actually spent the day packing for the weekend of hockey and stopping in at Menard's and Home Depot in Ankeny to start the process of buying a new stove.

I do have a spider in the hotel story to tell you, but I will save that for later.   

 We spent Saturday in St.  Joe Missouri for Ben's hockey tournament.     I left the camera, so no hockey pictures this week.   



  • Rachel Vos Carrillo | February 22, 2012 at 7:17 PM

    Happy belated birthday sis! The big 40! It actually doesn´t seem that old anymore. At least you had your kids earlier. I am going to be a very old mama! Your hair looks really cute. I like the new style. Hugs and kisses from Panama