Project Life Week 14 April 1-7

Oops, it's Wednesday already and I have not gotten around to posting my photos from last week.  I posted the Easter photos and forgot to follow-up with the weekly photos.   Thanks for patiently waiting.
Sunday was Palm Sunday and the "Ridge Kids"  led us in worship songs from the front.   Nadia was right in the front row. 
 Ben's first soccer games of Spring Season was Sunday afternoon.   They played pretty good for their first game, but unfortunately, they lost.    It is interesting to see the change in attitude from not caring about losing to being really disappointed.   I noticed the change in hockey this year as well. 
 Nadia was playing with the Camera on Sunday at the soccer game.   I showed her how to take a self portrait.    I must say that it turned out pretty nice.    
 A couple flowers photos to share this week.  
Ben and I mowed the lawn for the first time this year.   It was getting really long.   Most of the Neighbors mowed last week, but Since when do we mow in March?  We waited until at least the first week of APRIL.  
Ben and Ethan are also playing a little 3 on 3 hockey for the next couple of Thursdays.   It was designed to be a fun easy way to get back on the ice since being off ice for a month.    Ben had already been asking when Summer Hockey started, so this was a good for him.
 Our new favorite ice cream is Orange Leaf.  Ben would correct me, it's frozen yogurt.    Come for a visit and we will take you there.      
Have a great week.