What makes me Happy

My friend Debby gave me this Sweets Blog Award. 

The rules of this award are to tell you 10 things that make me happy and then I am to pass it on to 5 more people. So here are my ten things:
1. Watching my kids play Hockey
2. My Wonderful husband
3. Cute, Sweet, Well behaved children ( yes I am referring to mine)
4.  Strong / healthy bodies
5.  Cherry Coke
6.  Chocolate Cake
7. A Clean house (but I hate to clean it)
8. Good Friends
9.  Scrapbooking
10. A day at the Beach (Currently dreaming of summer)

My 5 people:  
1.  Mary 
2. Rachel 
3. Tricia 
4.  Erin 
5.  Jen