It's Berry Pickin Time!

Yum, Yum Strawberries. We love to pick strawberries, well actually we love to eat strawberries. The Berry Patch Farm in Nevada is our favorite place to pick strawberries and apples. They are very kid friendly and encourage the kids to participate. They don't care how many the kids eat or step on!

We managed to pick about 12 pounds in about an hour and half. I picked a full bucket, Ethan about 3/4, (Ethan claims that he only ate a 4 or 5. He is probably right, since his bucket was quite full.) Ben 1/2 ( Ben thinks that he ate more than he put in his bucket. He was really full and did not eat much lunch) and Nadia had about 10 in the bottom of her bucket. I realized after we had been picking for awhile that she was eating the strawberries stem and all!
Can't wait to see what her diapers look like.

We had a fun morning.


  • Mary Perry | June 26, 2008 at 9:59 PM

    Ethan is losing that little boy look. Very handsome. And Miss Nadia, what can I say.........she really melts my heart.

    And Ben, that kid needs to be locked up for his looks, geesh, you are going to soon start having the girls calling.