This girl thing has been quite a learning experience for all of us. She has an opinion about her clothes,her shoes and her hair. This is the first time that she let me comb her hair long enough to get pigtails in. I really need more practice.... They were terribly uneven, but adorable none the less.

Several Friends and I went for a Pedicure on Saturday, a really nice Girl's afternoon out. The first thing she says to me is, "Ooh Mommy paint toes, so pretty." and without stopping, " paint Nadia toes too?" So we painted her toes to match mine. She was showing them off for several days!

She talks non-stop. I thought that I would share with you a few of our favorites.

1. Mine Na Na ( My name is Nadia)
2. Ethan bad attitude? (I had sent Ethan upstairs to fix his attitude and she this is what she asked me)
3. Na Na no baby anymore! (She shouted this at Ben one evening at supper after He said she was the cutest baby)
4. We have been getting lots of spontaneous "I love you" A big change from her usually response of "love me" whenever she meant Love you.
5. So silly / So funny ( she utters this about her brothers often.)
6. Scary me ( That scares me. She uses this for loud noises, dogs, flies and other scary things)
7. Look ( She is just so cute when she says it)
8. Are you brothers? or brothers are? ( She asked this anytime she is looking for Ben and Ethan)
9. kepidge (ketchup - She needs ketchup on everything, including her green beans)

A little glimpse into Nadia language.