New Bike and Lost Book

Nadia loves to "ride" her tricycle in the driveway, but she can not reach the pedals. She was getting very frustrated. I convinced Andrew to buy her a new one that she could reach. We found a really cute purple and pink trike. This is what she said to Andrew in Target, "I love it, my pink bike, tank-you Daddy." Oh my goodness! It was so adorable, and you should have seen Andrew's face. How insightfully a 2 year old can be. It was a rainy day today, so we let her ride in the house. She yelled at her brothers every time they even looked at her bike! I will add a photo later.

Ethan is reading the Magic School House series. I am really impressed with how his reading skills have improved. He was reading small books around Christmas and is now reading Chapter books.
He has read the first 7 in the series, and now is stuck.... He has misplaced #8 and refuses to read them out of order. We spent an hour looking for it today, which ended with me having a minor blow-up! How could he lose a book! We agreed that he would listen to #8 on cd while we travel to Ontario. Thank Goodness!!! The book will reappear when we are not looking for it.

We are busy packing for our trip. Our plan is drive to Michigan on Saturday and Head to Ontario on Sunday. More details of our vacation to come.


  • Kristina | June 27, 2008 at 9:58 AM

    Rose - I have a feeling that if Nadia doesn't have her father wrapped around her finger by now, things like this will certainly do it.

    Have fun on your vacation!