What was I thinking?......

Below in a blog entry that I typed on July 8. I decided not to post it at that time because I wanted to add a little more. Now, a week later, I have no idea what I going to add. So, here it is!
A note to myself, just write what's on your mind and post it, or it will be lost and never found!
I am sorry to all of you who were wondering if we made it home.

Home at Last!
It is always great to be away on Vacation, but it is always great to be home as well. We made it home on Sunday evening. We have spent today trying to clean-up.

Here's quick summary of our trip.

We drove 2 days, about 16 hours of driving to arrive in Orillia, Ontario. This is where Andrew grew up and where his parents still live.
We camped at Mara Provincial Park, and spent most of the week with a flexible schedule. A few highlights included:

1.Several trips to the beach
Cousin Eric spent a few days with us. He is an expert sand castle builder and passed along his skills to everyone.

2. We celebrated Canada day on July 1, with a parade, a BBQ and fireworks.

3. We spent Thursday in Toronto. Nadia stayed with Oma and Opa while the rest of us headed to the big city. The boys thought riding the subway was the best part. We also went up the CN tower, and toured the Hockey Hall of Fame ( Of course).

4. Friday afternoon was spent with Spencer and Amanda. Spencer is Andrew's high school friend. We try to keep in touch the best we can. This picture is all 6 children together. They have Leif who is 5, Luka 3, and Marie is 4 months. The kids all enjoyed each other, especially the 2 little girls.

5. Saturday evening we arrived the Grand Rapids for dinner with Pam our friend from college. It is so nice to connect with old friends.

We had a really nice trip, but are glad to be home.