The boys and I had a great day yesterday. We spent the day at Adventureland Amusement Park. We went with our friends the Stauffer's and her mom and siblings. We had so much fun because the boys are old enough to ride any ride they want. Ben went on every ride including all the roller coasters. He even enjoyed the Inverter, which I passed on. I really tried to get a photo of him upside down, but I could not get it timed right. This photo was taken right after he came back to the ground.

Ethan did several of the "bigger" rides. He wasn't so sure about the first hill of the tornado rollercoaster, he mentioned several times, "I can do way more rides than last year." I think he was pretty proud of himself.

Finally, I had a great time as well! I love the water rides. A rare photo of me on this blog.